Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glitter gradient and STAMPING :O (plus a review)

Hi all :)

I'm pretty late with this, but I'm even more busy than before! This week our fieldwork began and we've had so much to do! Today I've been able to relax a bit and therefore finally got around to get this post together..

Some weeks ago I recieved a stamping set from Born Pretty Store to review =D  Here it is:

I've never tried stamping before, I've seen it as a kind of 'cheating' but I've been more and more curious as to how it works, so I finally gave in and chose to try it out! And I'm hooked now! haha..

Well I had visitors when I recieved the package.. Wanted to give it just a quick try and then play with them later.. But couldn't get it to work :/ Well, I learned an important lesson: Remember to take off the plastic sheeting! lol.. haha..

Here's a stamp on paper.. Remember this is my very first try.. I couldn't get every pattern to transfer complete, and I pretty sure it's because it requires practice!

Born Pretty Store stamping plate m49

Born Pretty Store stamping plate m48
It was quite fun trying.. And easier on paper than on the nails.. Here's my first mani with stamping - not at all the best, but I enjoyed it:

My first mani ever feat. stamping =D

And here's the base colors:

And the glitter gradient..

And the end result once again

The involved in this mani:
Ask if you wanna know any names!

I'm really hooked on those stamping plates! If I only had some time to practice!

I feel that the plates are pretty sturdy.. I used a used plastic card instead of the scraper, because I've heard that was best. And I felt the scraper could do damage to the plates - so I just left it alone :p

So I can only recommend these =D I need some full image stamping plates now! haha..

This kit is $4.85 at and they always have free shipping! Don't forget to get 10% off by using this code: SKEJ61

Have you tried stamping? Which plates would you recommend for full nail images? (Or whatever it's called :p)

Have fun and take care =)

  • The stamping kit was sent to me for review. The review is my honest opinion.


  1. Awesome! I love how you stamped them all out on the paper first. I have a few plates, but rarely use them. I've never thought to swatch them on paper before!

    Love it with just the glitter gradient too, looks awesome!

  2. Thanks :) Well I thougt it was a good way to start out :p haha..

  3. Great job with the gradient underneath! I have konad plates and bundlemonster plates, and I like them equally well, but bundlemonster is MUCH more affordable, and their full nail plates are great-some of the tip plates match the full nail ones, which is cool.

  4. Yay thanks :) I've tried ordering some bundle monster plates, butn either on amazon nor ebay do they ship to Denmark :/ But I got my hands on some faux kind of big plate and am just waiting for it to arrive now :D


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