Sunday, November 27, 2011

Confetti Goodnight Kisses..

Hi all :)

This many is soon very old.. I liked it a lot and it wasn't even on purpose! I had just slapped this grey Zoya polish on because I was tired of having naked nails.. Then the day after I bought two new H&M polishes that I figured would fit very well with it.. So when I came home it spiced my plain mani up..

And I got some decent pics too!

A pic to show how the glitter looks in 'shade':

And a close-up of the gradient.. You can see the awesome shimmer in the basecolor :D And look: Hex, square and round glitters! Awesome!

Here's a swatch of the two H&M polishes.. Left to right: Two coats of Confetti Kisses, one coat of Confetti Kisses, one coat of Confetti Kisses over Kiss Goodnight and two coats of Kiss Goodnight

And look at the bottles, aren't they cute? (all the involved):

My nails keep breaking atm.. So annoying.. Hate that I can't shape my nails the way I want them because they are too short for that.. Oh well.. They'll hopefully stop breaking at some point :p

Have fun and take care :)


  1. That is gorgeous, I love it!

  2. That really is an awesome the gray with glitter gradient! *drool*

  3. Lovely! I think this looks really elegant. :)

  4. Amber: Thanks a lot :D

    Gottwinkies: Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I was rather fond of it myself :p

    Rina: Thanks, I'm ot used to looking elegant :p haha


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