Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blue skittle

Hi all :)

In this period where I've been busy, I've often done a base color and hoped to be able to slap on some nail art the next day or so.. But then the mani chipped and I had to start all over.. So I've been doing nothing but half finished manis for the past couple of weeks.

I'm so excited about this mani :) It's my first succesful one in a long time.. I actually took my time to sit down and do it all in one sitting.. Not that it's anything complicated, I wouldn't have the time for that.. But I just really enjoyed wearing a 'proper' mani for once :)

The blue on my index and ring finger looks the same in these pics, but they are not. The ring finger is a bright blue and the index a more dusty one with slight purple tones..

I've really become a fan of glitter gradients.. A whole nail full of glitter have never really spoken to me, but in a gradient? I love it! Even better if it's a jelly-sandwich-gradient-ish..  There's really a dept to it, especially if you add just a bit glitter to the gradient after doing the sandwich!

Okay I'm spamming you a bit here.. But it's the first time in a while that I've felt like I got decent pics too!

And I tried taking a pic of both my hands.. I need practice! haha.. But this came out allright..

I thought it was fun when I was texting, that the light hit the glitter and threw beams of colored light around (I hope that made sense in English :p)..

The involved:

Ask if you wanna know any names :)
Do you know the feeling when you've done your first decent mani in a loong time? Aah, it's nice.. haha

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I like it a lot, very, very neat indeed, good work :)

  2. Very well done. I like it. Yes it does does feel good, I need to do a proper one b/c I've been nail lazy.

  3. Swaafie! Saw that you won Traci's giveaway! congrats!

  4. Hi! I think you might be interested in my nail polish giveaway :) xx


  5. Maria: Taaak!

    Courtney: Thank you :) Yeah it feels really good doing a proper mani :p

    Cheryl: Yeah I did I'm SO happy! haha.. Wanted to try those forever!

    Francivusk: I'm not fond of link spamming.. And sorry, not interested in make-up :)


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