Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sandwich, holo and dots

Hi all :)

Still busy, but I do take my time to do a mani once in a while :) Just no time to post 'em :p hah..

This mani I did a couple of weeks ago.. I remeber I wanted to use OPI Big Hair... Big Nails because it's such a nice jelly.. I wanted to try out a glitter sandwich.. I thought if My Private Jet (not the htf-version) to go with it at once.. Didin't have much time, so this is all it ended out with:

Here they are before adding anything.. I've raved about the version of MPJ that I have before, I love it SO much! :)

Here's my layering proces.. 1: The jelly, 2: The glitter, 3: The flakie and 4: Another layer of jelly =)

I knew the dots on MPJ wouldn't show up much, but I thought the effect was kind of cool..

And I tried taking a pic of both my hands! Hah, what a fail.. But I wanted to show you how I usually mix up my right and left hand, so it aint the same..

And the involved:

I hope you're all doing well =)

Have fun and take care!


  1. I love the before and After versions!!! I love MPJ, and I haven't found it here in the US...only in my town, I am sure I could order it, heeheehee. Fun mani!

  2. Oh thanks =) I think this version of MPJ is pretty available here!


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