Monday, October 3, 2011

Dots and stripes and a tiny bit of tipwear and chipping..

Hi all :)

Last post I mentioned a rant coming up, about now having the time to do my nails for almost a week.. Well these nails I did last weekend, just a quick mani so I wouldn't damage my nails too much.. I was at my bf at that point, so I just got to take a few quick pics before they got ruined by cleaning..

You can already see a bit of wear in these pics and it's max 1 hour after I did them :O

Another quick pic, unfortunately I couldn't really capture the prettyness of Orly Fowl Play and Nubar Moon Shadow (duochrome)

Well they didn't last long before chipping.. Which is usually fine, because I begin planning my next mani.. But little did I know that last week would be a killer week.. I didn't have time to remove the mani before friday (and it was already chipped by sunday).. This is how it looked the day before I had the time to take it off:

I hate chipped manis and rather wanna have naked nails than nails looking like that ^^.. So I was kind of annyoed that I didn't even have time to remove the mani between eating, sleeping and studying.. Well I probably could have squeezed it in, but I prioritized sleep...

I got to take it off friday evening, put on a base color saturday og sunday (can't remember), having it ruined by cleaning and then today I got the time to do a 'proper' mani! Damn.. I miss my chill-out-nail-art-sessions :/

Hopefully I'll have more time soon =)

What do you do when you don't have time to change a mani? Do it anyway? Or live with a chipping mani and tipwear?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I feel for you! I hate it when I don't have time to fix the mess on my nails....darn life!If I can I have tried applying a speed dry top coat to help stop the peeling...

  2. I hate chipping too! Usually I can't stand it and have to remove it but if I am too busy I will sometimes try to repaint the chipped part.

  3. Moon Shadow looks AMAZING! *drools*

  4. Gah....forgot to mention how much I LOVE that mani! and I agree about Fowl Play...awesome color, and I want it. heehehehe

  5. pretty design! too bad it chipped so badly !

  6. Gottwinkies: Aah, of course, that's an easy way to stop it.. I should do that from now on ;) And I'm glad you like the mani! You should run out and get Fowl Play!! haha

    Tera: Repainting is a good idea too.. I think I've just been to stressed out to think.. hah :)

    Thenailaholic: It is! =D

    Selene and Theia (which one of you is it? :p): Thanks! Yeah, it's a shame! :)

  7. Uh I could never go out like that, really! When I have no time for a real mani I just remove everything, put on a transparent base and sponge the tips with some glitters. It looks like a cute French and funky mani! And it's so quick!

  8. Simona: I understand! It's not really flattering at all! hah.. Maybe next time I get in this situation I'll think about doing the kind of mani you are descriping.. Thanks for the tip :)


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