Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cracked awesomeness

Hi all :)

I have a quick and easy mani to show today.. Unfortunately I only got bad pics of it :/ But I really liked this mani, it was sparkly =)

Here's the base color, which I couldn't capture at all.. Well there wasn't any sun and I didn't have much time..

But here's a close up to try and show off the awesome shift in this mani - it's a duochrome!

And the involved:

So yeah. bad pics, but unfortunately I don't have much time to try and capture the manis when I get the time to do them..

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lady in red..

Hi all :)

I don't like red polish on me.. But this one I love! I've worn it three times the past year and each time I've been surprised by how much I love it - and I've never wanted to cover it up with nail art..

So I thought it was time to post about here, even though it's nail art..

It's a blood red jelly.. It's a tad darker IRL than in these photos..

I felt very elegant when wearing this! - and I liked it (usually I don't like feeling elegant.. :p)

Catrice - Caught On The Red Carpet
Have fun and take care =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holo-y Rainbow...

 Hi all :)

Recently I got my hands on some Spectraflair =) The first thing (and only thing so far) I did with it, was to make a holo topcoat.. I had already planned what I wanted to use it for.. I wanted to make a holo-y rainbow design..

This is actually the opposite of what I did when I wore Gosh Holographic for the first time - then I added rainbow on top af the holo... Now I added holo on top of my rainbows =)

Here's the basecolor on it's own..:

I really enjoyed wearing this mani.. I didn't get the best pic, but these are allright.. I'm not gonna say much... :)

Here's how it looked in shade.. More dull, but still festive =)

The involved:

Do you have a holo topcoat? What's you fave way of using it?

Have fun and take care =)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sandwich, holo and dots

Hi all :)

Still busy, but I do take my time to do a mani once in a while :) Just no time to post 'em :p hah..

This mani I did a couple of weeks ago.. I remeber I wanted to use OPI Big Hair... Big Nails because it's such a nice jelly.. I wanted to try out a glitter sandwich.. I thought if My Private Jet (not the htf-version) to go with it at once.. Didin't have much time, so this is all it ended out with:

Here they are before adding anything.. I've raved about the version of MPJ that I have before, I love it SO much! :)

Here's my layering proces.. 1: The jelly, 2: The glitter, 3: The flakie and 4: Another layer of jelly =)

I knew the dots on MPJ wouldn't show up much, but I thought the effect was kind of cool..

And I tried taking a pic of both my hands! Hah, what a fail.. But I wanted to show you how I usually mix up my right and left hand, so it aint the same..

And the involved:

I hope you're all doing well =)

Have fun and take care!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Subtle Newspaper

Hi all :)

Still very busy, so I don't have the time to be creative :/ I miss it and will probably allow myself to take the time this week :)

This mani was just something quick I did a bit over a week ago.. Two polishes that instantly made their way into my top 10 of polishes.. Not that I have a top 10 defined, but these two would def be in it!

Unfortunately I only had the chance to take pics the night I did them, so in artificial light.. So these pics doesn't do the polishes justice and my hands look a bit creepy.. haha

Nubar Indigo Illusion and Collection 2000 Midnight Shine with very faint newspaper print..
Before I did this mani I actually wore the same combo without the newspaper print for a couple of days, but hadn't had any time to jazz it up..
I decided I wasn't done wearing that combo even though it had chipped, so I took it off and did the same mani again :p That is a VERY rare incident for me! haha.. That just tells how much I loooove these polishes!

Indigo Illusion is a multichrome and it's jsut amazing! Most of the time it's this green-blue-grey-ish base with a purple shift! Green/purple is my fave color combo! hah.. And you don't have to do a lot of wiggling with your fingers before you see bright green and gold.. Simply stunning and I spent a good deal of time looking at my nails :p

Midnight Shine is a purple-ish grey and therefore matches this one a lot! And it's very opaque!

Oh and the newspaper print was just a quick experiment.. I didn't want to cover up the polishes a lot and didn't have time to figure out what kind of subtle nail art to do, so somehow I thought of this.. I tried it on a swatch on a nail wheel first (on a random color already there) and it was easy and everything.. But it really didn't show up much on these colors.. But that kind of made me like it even more, because you could see different parts of the newspaper print with the different shifting in colors! AWESOME!!

When I took this mani off I thought it was fun to see a slightly different base color in Indigo Illusion and then all those tiny colorful specks.. Don't know if it makes sense, but I included a pic :p

And here they are...:

Allright that was a VERY wordy post.. That shows how much I looove these polishes! haha

It's so sad that I didn't get the chance to take pics of this mani in natural light, so I could show you the real awesomeness of them.. I would have to do that at some point! :D

Have you ever fallen this bad for a polish as I just did with these two? ;)

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dots and stripes and a tiny bit of tipwear and chipping..

Hi all :)

Last post I mentioned a rant coming up, about now having the time to do my nails for almost a week.. Well these nails I did last weekend, just a quick mani so I wouldn't damage my nails too much.. I was at my bf at that point, so I just got to take a few quick pics before they got ruined by cleaning..

You can already see a bit of wear in these pics and it's max 1 hour after I did them :O

Another quick pic, unfortunately I couldn't really capture the prettyness of Orly Fowl Play and Nubar Moon Shadow (duochrome)

Well they didn't last long before chipping.. Which is usually fine, because I begin planning my next mani.. But little did I know that last week would be a killer week.. I didn't have time to remove the mani before friday (and it was already chipped by sunday).. This is how it looked the day before I had the time to take it off:

I hate chipped manis and rather wanna have naked nails than nails looking like that ^^.. So I was kind of annyoed that I didn't even have time to remove the mani between eating, sleeping and studying.. Well I probably could have squeezed it in, but I prioritized sleep...

I got to take it off friday evening, put on a base color saturday og sunday (can't remember), having it ruined by cleaning and then today I got the time to do a 'proper' mani! Damn.. I miss my chill-out-nail-art-sessions :/

Hopefully I'll have more time soon =)

What do you do when you don't have time to change a mani? Do it anyway? Or live with a chipping mani and tipwear?

Have fun and take care =)
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