Friday, September 2, 2011

Weird Combo; Delicate holo and (failed) Tokidoki nail art..

Hi all :)

Quick post today, since I'm about to go pick up my bf at the station =D

A couple of days ago I felt like it was way too long ago since I did some more 'complex' nail art.. So I wanted to keep it simple still, but decided to get some Tokidoki inspiration (I don't have time to find a link for my previous tokidoki mani, but you can search out there to the right -->)

I felt like it was a complete fail.. both the nail art and the base colors I chose (well only the holo didn't really fit in, the grey is still gorg..)

Before disaster..

And to show what it was supposed to be :p

And the polishes used:
Just ask if you wanna know any names :)
Allright I'm off :)

Have fun and take care =D


  1. I don't think it is a fail! :) :) it's very cute! Tokidoki is hard to paint :)

  2. I love Tokidoki! I think it is adorable!

  3. Alice: Well, thanks! =) Yeah it is, maybe it wasn't the best to start with after a long break :p

    Tera: Thanks :) I think Tokidoki is so cute!


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