Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Nail Art Pen from Born Pretty Store

Hi all :)

I have another Born Pretty Store review for you :) This time a recieved a New 2 Way Yellow Dooting Pen Nail Art Ball and Brush.. I think they are famous for their long product titles! haha :)

Let's just get on with it..

Here's the nail art pen/brush:

I don't know if you noticed the scratches on the outer cap? Well, here's a closer look:

It's because I had some trouble with opening for the cap to the pen-part.. Here's what I had to used to open it (plus some help from my brother, but he's not in the pic :p):
Yes it's a nut cracker.. I use that for opening polish bottles when they are stuck..
Below the pen-part is the striper brush-part.. It had polish stuck (at least I think it is), but it wasn't difficult to open at all.. I wonder if it has been opened before, since it looks like this?

In the beginning the polish flowing from it was brown-ish.. I didn't get a pic of it from the beginning - I didn't think about it -so it doesn't show up much on this pic, but it's possible to see the difference from the left top end to the right top end:

Only afterwards did the 'shake well before use' warning on the pen/brush, but still.. brown..?
Well now I was ready to try it out.. I had two 'nail sticks' ready so I could try out the pen part, the brush part and the opacity.. But then it struck me.. How am I suppose to use the striper part, when there's no 'foot' on this pen/brush-thingy? I couldn't just lay it down or all the polish would flow out of it.. I had to hold the 'container' part between my knees while using the brush..

Allright now I'm at the part about the use of this thing.. I have to admit that I wasn't especially careful when trying it out, as I'm used to a certain nail art pen and a regular striping brush, which I never have any trouble with..

First I'll show you the result of my doodling:

 It looks kind of wonky right? I feel like the polish wasn't opaue enough to be able to draw easily with the pen part.. And the stripes ended up really thick despite a small amount of polish on the brush.. I did two layers with the striping brush and it's opaque most of the palces..

Soo.. I'm not really sure I would use this pen/brush again.. At least I know I won't use the striper brush part, 'cause I have my striper brush.. But I might use the pen part =) I don't really think there's anything wrong with this product despite the above mentioned 'funky features', but I'm just picky! :p

This nail art pen/brush is $3.96 and you can buy it HERE. If you are going to order from Born pretty Store (which btw has free shipping worldwide) you can use my 10 % discount code, that you can find in the sidebar ---->

I hope this review is useful to you =)

Have fun and take care!


  1. Wow thanks! I'm looking for a good nail art pen so this review is really helpful to me!

  2. I'm glad you could use it =)


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