Friday, September 9, 2011

Minus and minus makes plus

Hi all :)

I'm not sure what the expression is in english, but in Danish (well, translated into English) it's 'minus and minus makes plus'.. Well, that's how I feel about this mani..

This is the end result ad I looove it (no clean up, I'm a lazy bastard):

And here's how it began.. I wanted to use two new polishes that I was pretty sure wasn't my thing (but they were crazy ass cheap).. And how they look like in this pic I didn't really care for it..

I'm much more of a creme kinda gal, so even though I could appreciate the complexity of these polishes (the lighter one is duochrome!) it's not something I can enjoy alone on my nails...

I was thinking about just taking it off after wearing it for a day, but changed my mind and wanted to try doing some nail art on top of it anyway..

And I just loove the end result.. I think they colors go so well together.. And because it's colors I don't usually use I was staring at my nails all the time :p haha..

So I might be more experimental with those kind of finishes in the future :)

And I have a shot of my right hand..

As always my mani starts chiping within a day and I can't stop peeling it off.. So I didn't wear this one as long as I wanted to..

Here's what was involved:

Just ask if there's any names you wanna know!
Have you ever tried thinking that you wouldn't like the color combo and then ended up loving it?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Very pretty, I really like it! Yes, I have done manis several times that I didn't think that I would like the colors but I loved them.

  2. I tend to try to challenge myself by using the colors I don't like. And yes I do normally end up loving it. This is awesome and the design is deff better than the colors alone.

  3. Gorgeous! those colors do look wonderful on you, also

  4. Tera: Thanks a lot =) Well I should do it more often I can see! hah

    BevyDoll: I'm glad you like it, anf the colors are so much better together in a design :)

    Gottwinkies: Well, thank you! I hadn't thought about that.. I might try and pick those colors more often.. =)


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