Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flakie half moons..

Hi all :)

I've been crazy-ass busy this week! I've done nothing than studying, sleeping and eating.. damn.. Yesterday I had a bit of time to prepare some pics for this post, and now I finally got a bit of time to write it =)

I made this mani a week ago.. And loooved it =)

The green is more green than in these pics.. but still a limegreen!

This was my base(s)..

I had an intention of creating something like THIS, but with flakes.. I thought the base color of the flakies would be more visible, but they weren't at all, so I don't think you can actually see I amde stripes with the flakies?

The polish I used to cover up the 'non moon' part was matte, so here's a shot of the mani before putting on topcoat (nd before cleanup!), and then you can see my stripey idea:

Allright, my moons aren't really rounded, 'casue I had to use french tip stickers.. I wouldn't be able to freehand them when using a matte polish.. it would dry to fast..

And my right hand - it's mixed up a bit.. How I really do love OPI I Lily Love You!! The only downside is that it has a pink base, so I can't use it on top of everything! :p

And a bit further away..

The involved (except french tip stickers - I used them all up!):

Allright I have to go back to studying now! But I'm happy to finally be able to post =) It's scary - I haven't even been able to change my mani this week! But I'll rant a bit more about that in my next post :p

Have fun and take care =D


  1. I love it :) Pink and green are awesome together, and the flakes make it even better!

  2. Love it, I have really been into half moons lately. I need to do a few more. I Lily Love you looks great.

  3. Half moons ftw! Det er faktisk også en fed mani uden det sorte, altså kun pink og grøn.

  4. Thenailaholoc: Thaanks :) It really is a gorg combo if I should say so myself!

    Tata-nadaver: Thanks a lot =)

    Tera: Thanks, I'm really into them too! dunno why, but I think they are classy!

    Sosa07ac: Yeah, halfmoons er bare lækre! Og jo, jeg nød også den combi en dag, inden resten blev lavet :)


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