Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bright Snow Globe (+ my entry for Lacquered Me's contest)

Hi all :) 

I have neglected this blog SO much..
The new semester started yesterday and I've bought a Kindle for the purpose of reading all the texts without printing them, and since a lot of our texts is scanned pages from a book, of course the Kindle can't recognize the text.. So I've been spending a lot of time using an OCR program to make the texts highlightable and commentable.. pheww..
And I've only got two days left of my free trial of that program and can't afford the $130 the program would cost me! Damn.. So the next days I'll try to prepare as many texts for my Kindle as possible.. Anyone know any good OCR programs for free/cheap?

Allright, nails..

I wanted colorful nails for the weekend and still I really wanted to try some layering with one of my new glitters (China Glaze Snow Globe)..

I didn't like it at first.. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it (besides the glitter nails  those I LOVE)

But it grew on me..  They still didn't live up to my expectations, but they were festive enough for a busy weekend :)

And an akward shot of my right hand.. I like doing that if it turns out decent enough to show (sometimes it looks like a disaster :p)

All the polishes:
Just ask if you wanna know any names )
And here's a shot of the polsihes used for the glitter nails, so you can see all the glitter and shimmer that was actually going on =D

These nails were partly inspired by a former mani of mine - the Hornsleth Nails! It wasn't supposed to look like those at all, but the colorfull and messy against the white intrigues me.. And this mani is actually a part of Lacquered Me's competition, where she wanted us to submit our fave mani..

As far as I've understood it, you can vote for your fave manis with no limit, except you can only vote for each mani once.. That's how I did it anyway, but maybe I'm wrong :p I think I voted for 6 manis or so.. Go check it out =D

Do you like the pics of my right hand? Or is it unnecessary to see the mani in a poorly executed version? :p

Have fund and take care =)


  1. I found this helpful when I needed OCR software: http://www.bitwisemag.com/2/Free-OCR-Program

    Might help you?

  2. Where did you get the ChG Snowglobe?

  3. Kris: Thanks, I've tried it, but it can't convert from PDF's :/ But I think I've found another solution =)

    Amber: I got it in a swap.. So I have no idea where it can be bought, sorry!

  4. me encanta


  5. I like this one a lot! very cool

  6. Gottwinkies: Thanks a lot =)


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