Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn hearts and half-moons..

Hi all :)

I really liked THIS man, So I felt like recreating it, at least partly.. This time I wanted to do it with autumn-y colors, since it's a bit cold here and I'm having a cold :p

What I did on my thumb looked totally different in my head, it's pretty weird.. But what the heck..

I only got a few decent pics, so this is a short post..

What I used for it:
Just ask if you wanna know any names =)
I really liked it =)

Do you feel the autumn coming? And does it effect your choice of nail polish color and/or nail art?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Mega flot, jeg kan rigtig godt lide sammensætningen af farverne

  2. I love these colors together!Yes I feel autum coming and I am fighting it tooth and nail! picking up darker colors, putting them down and grabbing more summery ones!Sometimes I win, somtimes Fall does :)

  3. Super cute mani I really like your choice of colors perfect autumn mani, it still feels like summer to me but I'm so over it and I'm ready for the cold weather.

  4. Sosa07ac: Mange tak, det er jeg glad for at høre =)

    Amber: Thanks =D

    Gottwinkies: I'm glad you do :) I usually don't follow trends/seasons but sometimes the seasonal feeling just gets to you! haha

    Beauxs mom: Thanks a lot =) Well, I'm ready for the cold weather too, even though we haven't really had any summer weather.. suits me fine :p

  5. Totally feel autumn coming, and I can't wait for the trees to turn yellow and orange.. these are the perfect autumn colors.


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