Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flakie half moons..

Hi all :)

I've been crazy-ass busy this week! I've done nothing than studying, sleeping and eating.. damn.. Yesterday I had a bit of time to prepare some pics for this post, and now I finally got a bit of time to write it =)

I made this mani a week ago.. And loooved it =)

The green is more green than in these pics.. but still a limegreen!

This was my base(s)..

I had an intention of creating something like THIS, but with flakes.. I thought the base color of the flakies would be more visible, but they weren't at all, so I don't think you can actually see I amde stripes with the flakies?

The polish I used to cover up the 'non moon' part was matte, so here's a shot of the mani before putting on topcoat (nd before cleanup!), and then you can see my stripey idea:

Allright, my moons aren't really rounded, 'casue I had to use french tip stickers.. I wouldn't be able to freehand them when using a matte polish.. it would dry to fast..

And my right hand - it's mixed up a bit.. How I really do love OPI I Lily Love You!! The only downside is that it has a pink base, so I can't use it on top of everything! :p

And a bit further away..

The involved (except french tip stickers - I used them all up!):

Allright I have to go back to studying now! But I'm happy to finally be able to post =) It's scary - I haven't even been able to change my mani this week! But I'll rant a bit more about that in my next post :p

Have fun and take care =D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Long overdue: Eyeko Ambassador Gift..

Hi all :)

I don't know if you guys know about the Eyeko Ambassador 'programme'? Well, bloggers and youtube'rs and the like can register and offer their followers/viewers a free gift from Eyeko when ordering for over $20 ..

I'm an Ambassador, but don't really advertise it much (I have a banner to the right, but that's it). A month back or so, that gift was Eyeko Lilac Polish, and since I've heard the polishes would be discontinued soon, I thought I might as well order some of the polishes I don't own and get that one for free.. So I did, and I sued my own ambassador code.. That was 'my first sale' so I recieved an Ambassador gift aswell.. haha!

Well, the gift was Eyeko Line and Shine.. and here it is..

One end is Electric Blue and the other is Teal. Electric blue is 'plain' blue and teal is shimmery!

And here's the swatch..

It's quite beautiful, but since I don't ever wear makeup I gave this one away!

That's it from me now, I'm enjoying my weekend with mu bf :)

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Golden rain and silver stars..

Hi all =)

I'm overwhelmed by the sweet compliments on my last mani! Thanks ladies, you make my days =D

Todays mani practically made itself.. I've had the ideas and colors in my mind for a while.. and it's soo simple..

It's probably not easy to se, but I've used three different glitters/shimmers - a silver/gold, a silver and a gold.. :p I'm not a big fan of gold, but this miz is just awesome..

The base color is China Glaze Westside Warrior and here it is alone (ignore the funky looking finish, it's because of my Orly silk-something basecoat)

China Glaze Westside Warrior 2 coats and without cleanup :p
The stars are not the same, some are with the gold glitter, some with the silver and some with the silver/gold :p The same goes for the rest, where I've mostly used the silver/gold for the entire 'design' and used the others to jsut dab in some places to make it a bit different to look at..

But again, not really visible :p

I had a really hard time capturing this mani! My hands were lobster-ish in almost all of them.. But IRL Westside Warrior is really great with my skin tone!

The involved:
Just ask if you wanna know any names =)
I really love thsi mani even though it's soo simple..  Hope you enjoy it =)

BTW, blogger has introduced a new feature on all blogs: a 'Lightbox' view.. Try and click on one of the pics in this post and see what I mean :) Quite neat in my opinion..

Have fun and take care!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holo undercover..

Hi all =)

I'm still here! I've just been busy with school and the bf :) So the mani I'm showing you today I've actually been wearing for a long time (3-4 days!) and got a lot of compliment on it :)

I wasn't satisfied with how it ended out, but heck.. The finished result:

Ever since I did THIS mani (which is apparently a rich source of inspiration), I've wanted to try out the tape-design with holos as base, and since Sonja mentioned I should do some tape-mais when I asked for suggestions, I decided it was about time..

Before the nail art:

I couldn't really get a good pic of this mani, so you have to imagine the holo being much more sparkly and rainbow-y..

Even though there were lots of holo, I didn't really enjoy this mani..

Allright, here I'm trying to show some details.. But failed.. So you can see the normal sparkliness of the polishes here, and then just imagine it with holo effect too :p

Gaaah.. Well, next mani is hopefully more succesful..

The involved:

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing pics of this mani more than I enjoyed wearing it :p

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colorful Calender

Hi all :)

I didn't know how this mani should end out when I began doing it.. I just wanted to try out my grey Nubar, since I loove grey polishes.. Awesome formula!

Well, I chose the colors to do nail art with, but still didn't know what to do.. Then I looked at my calender which were next to me on my desk and  got some inspiration from that one..

Here's the mani with my calender.. It's not at all the same patterns or colors, but still got my inspiration from it..

I'm not in love with this one, but I like it and have gotten several compliments on it :)

And even thoug it's a couple of days ago I did it, I am still wearing it and with minimal tipwear and chipping.. How they look now is usually how the look the morning after I've done the mani! So I'm impressed, don't know if it's the Nubar formula or if I've finally found the right combo of basecoats..

The involved:

Just ask if you wanna know any names =)
That's it for now =) I feel like I haven't got any inspiration lately, so I wanna try to challenge myself with nail art some way.. I'm jsut not sure how..

Do you have any nail art challenges for me? Or tips to get some more inspiration? And do you have experience with Nubar as a long lasting polish?

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn hearts and half-moons..

Hi all :)

I really liked THIS man, So I felt like recreating it, at least partly.. This time I wanted to do it with autumn-y colors, since it's a bit cold here and I'm having a cold :p

What I did on my thumb looked totally different in my head, it's pretty weird.. But what the heck..

I only got a few decent pics, so this is a short post..

What I used for it:
Just ask if you wanna know any names =)
I really liked it =)

Do you feel the autumn coming? And does it effect your choice of nail polish color and/or nail art?

Have fun and take care =)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Minus and minus makes plus

Hi all :)

I'm not sure what the expression is in english, but in Danish (well, translated into English) it's 'minus and minus makes plus'.. Well, that's how I feel about this mani..

This is the end result ad I looove it (no clean up, I'm a lazy bastard):

And here's how it began.. I wanted to use two new polishes that I was pretty sure wasn't my thing (but they were crazy ass cheap).. And how they look like in this pic I didn't really care for it..

I'm much more of a creme kinda gal, so even though I could appreciate the complexity of these polishes (the lighter one is duochrome!) it's not something I can enjoy alone on my nails...

I was thinking about just taking it off after wearing it for a day, but changed my mind and wanted to try doing some nail art on top of it anyway..

And I just loove the end result.. I think they colors go so well together.. And because it's colors I don't usually use I was staring at my nails all the time :p haha..

So I might be more experimental with those kind of finishes in the future :)

And I have a shot of my right hand..

As always my mani starts chiping within a day and I can't stop peeling it off.. So I didn't wear this one as long as I wanted to..

Here's what was involved:

Just ask if there's any names you wanna know!
Have you ever tried thinking that you wouldn't like the color combo and then ended up loving it?

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Nail Art Pen from Born Pretty Store

Hi all :)

I have another Born Pretty Store review for you :) This time a recieved a New 2 Way Yellow Dooting Pen Nail Art Ball and Brush.. I think they are famous for their long product titles! haha :)

Let's just get on with it..

Here's the nail art pen/brush:

I don't know if you noticed the scratches on the outer cap? Well, here's a closer look:

It's because I had some trouble with opening for the cap to the pen-part.. Here's what I had to used to open it (plus some help from my brother, but he's not in the pic :p):
Yes it's a nut cracker.. I use that for opening polish bottles when they are stuck..
Below the pen-part is the striper brush-part.. It had polish stuck (at least I think it is), but it wasn't difficult to open at all.. I wonder if it has been opened before, since it looks like this?

In the beginning the polish flowing from it was brown-ish.. I didn't get a pic of it from the beginning - I didn't think about it -so it doesn't show up much on this pic, but it's possible to see the difference from the left top end to the right top end:

Only afterwards did the 'shake well before use' warning on the pen/brush, but still.. brown..?
Well now I was ready to try it out.. I had two 'nail sticks' ready so I could try out the pen part, the brush part and the opacity.. But then it struck me.. How am I suppose to use the striper part, when there's no 'foot' on this pen/brush-thingy? I couldn't just lay it down or all the polish would flow out of it.. I had to hold the 'container' part between my knees while using the brush..

Allright now I'm at the part about the use of this thing.. I have to admit that I wasn't especially careful when trying it out, as I'm used to a certain nail art pen and a regular striping brush, which I never have any trouble with..

First I'll show you the result of my doodling:

 It looks kind of wonky right? I feel like the polish wasn't opaue enough to be able to draw easily with the pen part.. And the stripes ended up really thick despite a small amount of polish on the brush.. I did two layers with the striping brush and it's opaque most of the palces..

Soo.. I'm not really sure I would use this pen/brush again.. At least I know I won't use the striper brush part, 'cause I have my striper brush.. But I might use the pen part =) I don't really think there's anything wrong with this product despite the above mentioned 'funky features', but I'm just picky! :p

This nail art pen/brush is $3.96 and you can buy it HERE. If you are going to order from Born pretty Store (which btw has free shipping worldwide) you can use my 10 % discount code, that you can find in the sidebar ---->

I hope this review is useful to you =)

Have fun and take care!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bright Snow Globe (+ my entry for Lacquered Me's contest)

Hi all :) 

I have neglected this blog SO much..
The new semester started yesterday and I've bought a Kindle for the purpose of reading all the texts without printing them, and since a lot of our texts is scanned pages from a book, of course the Kindle can't recognize the text.. So I've been spending a lot of time using an OCR program to make the texts highlightable and commentable.. pheww..
And I've only got two days left of my free trial of that program and can't afford the $130 the program would cost me! Damn.. So the next days I'll try to prepare as many texts for my Kindle as possible.. Anyone know any good OCR programs for free/cheap?

Allright, nails..

I wanted colorful nails for the weekend and still I really wanted to try some layering with one of my new glitters (China Glaze Snow Globe)..

I didn't like it at first.. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it (besides the glitter nails  those I LOVE)

But it grew on me..  They still didn't live up to my expectations, but they were festive enough for a busy weekend :)

And an akward shot of my right hand.. I like doing that if it turns out decent enough to show (sometimes it looks like a disaster :p)

All the polishes:
Just ask if you wanna know any names )
And here's a shot of the polsihes used for the glitter nails, so you can see all the glitter and shimmer that was actually going on =D

These nails were partly inspired by a former mani of mine - the Hornsleth Nails! It wasn't supposed to look like those at all, but the colorfull and messy against the white intrigues me.. And this mani is actually a part of Lacquered Me's competition, where she wanted us to submit our fave mani..

As far as I've understood it, you can vote for your fave manis with no limit, except you can only vote for each mani once.. That's how I did it anyway, but maybe I'm wrong :p I think I voted for 6 manis or so.. Go check it out =D

Do you like the pics of my right hand? Or is it unnecessary to see the mani in a poorly executed version? :p

Have fund and take care =)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weird Combo; Delicate holo and (failed) Tokidoki nail art..

Hi all :)

Quick post today, since I'm about to go pick up my bf at the station =D

A couple of days ago I felt like it was way too long ago since I did some more 'complex' nail art.. So I wanted to keep it simple still, but decided to get some Tokidoki inspiration (I don't have time to find a link for my previous tokidoki mani, but you can search out there to the right -->)

I felt like it was a complete fail.. both the nail art and the base colors I chose (well only the holo didn't really fit in, the grey is still gorg..)

Before disaster..

And to show what it was supposed to be :p

And the polishes used:
Just ask if you wanna know any names :)
Allright I'm off :)

Have fun and take care =D
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