Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well I did have some better pics.. tsktsk..

Hi all :)

Yeah I know, I'm not posting regularly.. But that's probably how it's going to be from now on :p haha.. Having a boyfriend who lives so far from me results in a lot of days in a row where I'm not really on the internet.. And not doing anything fancy on my nails.. In fact the last week I've decorated my bf's nails more than mine.. haha.. well, I have fun :)

So this mani you have seen albeit in a not-so-god pic.. I thought I had some great pics but didn't find them when I was looking for them.. But I've found them now..

Then you can see all the imperfections.. haha.. plus a hair that got stuck at my middle finger..

And to answer Gottwinkies: Yes I do have acces to Scotch tape (or what I think is the equivalent) but  really suck at cutting straight lines, so I wanted to try this instead! hah.. But with this simple design, I'll use a striping brush instead.. With a more complex design I'll use these tape-thingies.. :)

Okay this was somekind of a fake-post.. A mani you had already seen.. And in last post I mentioned the next one would be about my mom's birthday present from me.. But apparently I lied.. hah.. That'll be next post..

Have fun and take care =)


  1. haha, but this one does show alot more better than the previous post. I love the orange and pink combination!

  2. De er altså meget flotte :D

  3. Hej Sofie! Jeg kan rigtig godt lide din blog, derfor har jeg nomineret den til en Sunshine Award. Tjek min blog for mere info! :D


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