Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy, rainy days..

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

This mani is partly inspired by Vettens A Fairytale on a Rainy Day and part because I wanted to try out some untrieds..

It didn't turn out quite as I intended, but I kind of like it anway.. It's very muted and calm..

I thought I was hilarious (or, I had a tiny bit of fun with it) because two of the polishes has 'rain' in them.. Eyoko Rain Polish For City Nails and China Glaze Rainstorm..

I think my rainddrops failed a bit, but it's allright..

The involved:

I kind of like rainy days! I think it's too hot when the sun is shining all the time, so the weather here is totally okay with me :p

Do you like rainy days? What's your favourite passtime on rainy days?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I like it...some days are good for wild manis and sometimes we need calm ones. Nice raindrops! And I agree about the rain...I like a balance of rain, sun, snow and coolness. I love rainy days, just not all the time, LOL!

  2. i like it! :) great muted blue mani :)

  3. Glad I could inspire you :) I LOVE the mellow blue you used <3 The colours look great together, now I want to make another rain mani using a bit of blue to spice it up ;)

  4. Hi, Swaafie! It has been raining here for the past few weeks in my part of the world. I agree that this nail art looks calm. I like its subtlety. :)


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