Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not usually seen here..

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

This is not normally colors I use.. There's something about red nail polish.. Don't get me wrong - I looove red (if you could see my living room you would understand :p) but there's something I don't like about it when it's on my nails.. Except the red base color I used for this mani =)

First, the finished mani..

And here is it before nail art (and without clean up).. I wanted to try the red P2 polish I got in my last swap.. It's soo beautiful! Maybe it's because it's so brught and orange-toned? I don't know..

I sponged different reds on top and don't think I could've stand this mani if it wasn't for the stripes I did..

I think it looks quite okay despite the shaky lines and all.. But it feels kindof weird to me.. hah.

To show you how I usually mix it up with the nals on the other hand, I tried to take a shot with both hands in it.. Don't laugh, I need to practice! hah..

Reversed on the other hand
I actually like the stripes/design on my right hand better.

What I used:

Do you have a color that just feels wrong when you have it on your nails?

Have fun and take care :)

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