Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nail Polish News: Gosh Cracked and H&M Duo Nail Polish

Hi all :)

It's time for Nail Polish News ala Swååfie; crappy, not informative and just.. yeah.. I only do this when I haven't seen it mentioned on any other blog and I kind of feel 'obliged' to at least mentioned it briefly.. :p

Well first off.. Gosh has jumped on the crackle trend! They have launched a black, silver, gold and pale pink-ish crackle.. I hven't bought any 'cause I'm not a big fan of crackle and I think they are too expensive (60 KR/ $11.40 as Gosh usually is).. But I have a crappy phone pic! =D haha

Allright and the other thing is just something I think is kind of funny.. A Duo nail polish from H&M. They are available in three combos, but I just bought this one:

Haha sad pic, one loney polish (Or should I say two?)..

The others are Red/Pink and Grey/pale rosa-ish..
I haven't tried it yet, but the brush is very short and small, so I'm excited to see if it's workable..

Hope you enjoyed this, at least laughed at my news-skills.. :p

Did you know about these 'news' before you read it here? Is it interesting at all?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I like that u only post it if u haven't seen it thats very thoughful, it sucks when overone is posting the same press release, and no I haven't seen this on any other blogs and yes I found it interesting I like the two polishes in one it's very different!

  2. Anede det ikke, men har heller ikke været i en matas i flere uger nu... Tror jeg er ubevidst gået cold turkey :P Har bare ikke haft nogen købelyst aka. jeg er for nærig til at gi så mange penge for de lakke der er :P

  3. OMG! Typisk! Var i H&M på strøget sidste uge, spottede lige netop denne double, men tænkte at jeg alligevel skulle forbi dagen efter.
    Guess what, den var væk!
    Er spændt på at se den til dig, og se hvad jeg er gået glip af :)

  4. Haha jeg var i Føtex og tog også et billede af de nye crackle lakker fra Gosh, men dit billeder er way pænere.. Jeg købte også den der duo, for de andre var lidt kedelige. H&M har også fået en sort crackle så jeg.

    Frk Fine.. man kan købe dem på deres hjemmeside :D


  5. I love this super cute, I love a big kiss from Peru


  6. I've had my eyes on the pink/grey duo. Darnest this is that they don't have H&M here in Australia (surprisingly enough)..guess I'll beg my mum to buy it for me as a Birthday/X-Mas present when I get back. :)


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