Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jutland Guest Nails (including MANi)

Hi all!

It seems like ages since I showed you a decent mani on my own nails :p hah.. But don't worry, next post will feature my own nails and a mani that I'm actually very happy with (wow, that hasn't happened for a long time!)

On to some nails I did last time I was in Jutland - that's a bit more than a week ago! I'm behind.. haha..

This is one of my bf friends.. She was soo happy that I wanted to do her nails.. It was late at night and she was slightly drunk, so I'm surprised it turned out this well :p

Slightly scary-looking hands because of the lightning.. sorry!

And then on to the MANi.. I was experimenting a bit and very shaky, so I'm not that fond of the designs when you look closely, but together and at an distance I loved it =)

OPI Stranger Tides fits him very well!!
And just to show you that I wasn't running around naked.. ahem! - with naked nails, I threw in my own hand too for good measure :)

I love the green and orange/redish one! Cheap AND awesome =)

I seem to focus more on others manis than my own at the moment! haha.. I'm just happy that people let me paint their nails =) And over the last couple of weeks I've actually had plain polish on my nails while I've been doing my bf's nails with nail art and all..

If there's any of the colors you wanna know the name of, just ask in the comment :) I don't allow my self to take 'stuff involved'-pics when I'm doing other people's nails.. It's just more busy and all..

Do you enjoy doing manis on other people?

Have fun and take care :)


  1. I enjoy doing nail art on my mom. :)

  2. That's right I've seen you rwork on her on your blog =)


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