Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm curious!

Hi all :)

Over the last weeks I've had a ot of trafic from a site called which is, they say, a social networking site for alternative people.. And now I'm curious as to know how people go from there to here? Have somebody linked to this blog in there? Or is it sheer coincidense? :p I wanna know what brings people here! haha.. So enlighten me =D

And now I'm at it, I actually wanna know where all of you 'come from'..! How did you find my blog? What made you decide to go look at it? And what made you decide to be a follower? :D 

(Apparently I'm looking for some love or something :p haha)

No, I really am just curious..  :)

So that this post isn't pic-less, I'll include a poc taken jsut a few hours ago.. There's a tradition about the opnening and closing of a certain amusement park north of where I live, where motorcycles from around the country drive up there all together.. I've seen the motorcycles drive by a lot of times and this time I went with my dad on the drive.. It was quite beautiful with the coastline and everything..

So here's my view from behind my dad on his motorcycle..

They say there are usually around 5-7,000 motorcycles on these trips.. It was a great way for me to relax before the exam and not stress to much.. Granted I could have used some more time to study instead of going on that drive, but hey, I have to relax too, especially the day before the exam..

Wish me good luck with my exam tomorrow =D

Have fun and take care :)


  1. I have a lot of traffic from that site as well! I haven't a clue why. I kind of think it's a fluke, though. ... I found your blog by clicking on random nail polish blogs while I was trying to find some that I liked. Yours is actually one of the first blogs I followed :)

  2. thats funny because that website as well is giving me alot of traffic.. at first i thought it was some sort of spam, but now that i see that you & definitely addicted get some !

    purty cool. !

  3. I found your blog through another blogger's blog roll. I followed because you have pretty pictures and nice nails :)

  4. Me too Sophie, I read this and looked and I have a lot of traffic from there as well.

    I found you through you finding me:)

  5. I know! i have alot of traffic from this website too. i found your blog when i typed in "nail art". i love your nail art because they are one of a kind and very unique!

  6. I don't remember how I found you! I get tons of traffic from there too :S

  7. a lot of people get traffic from that site lol! i don't know why haha unless painting your nails is seen as "alernative?" lol!

    i found you through searching images on google :D

  8. I found your site from another nail blog...Your name was unique and So I looked and you had funny comments! Fun, different nail designs,you aren't a girly-girl and it is very cool to me to visit blogs from other countries!

  9. I get a lot of traffic from that site as well!
    I'm curious to know what it is all about...

    Honestly don't remember how I came to your blog, but I've been following for a while :P

  10. Thanks a lot ladies =) I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who gets traffic from there!

    And thanks for all the kind words =) It means the world!


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