Sunday, August 14, 2011

Funky oriental looking mani.. ish..

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

This mani started out with an urge to try out some untried purple polishes.. After applying them I had no idea what to do next.. I asked my brother which color I should doodle some nail art with... He said orange..

So it ended up looking like this: (I have to say I couldn't capture the color of the purple creme at all! It's way too blue in these pics)

Before the nail art.. Other than the creme I think these are quite accurate.. So they are very blue-based..

I didn't intend to cover up as much of the base color.. But that's just how it ended up..

I liked it, but at the same time felt it was a bit odd.. Well I like odd.. sooo.. haha..

The polishes.. The creme purple is a bit more color accurate here, but it's darker than this..
Ask if you wanna know the names of any polish :)

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I like how this came out!

  2. I really like this! So colorful ^^

  3. i like it its very retro looking like old wallpaper :)

    shel xx

  4. Kan virkelig godt lide den kombination af farver :D Ligner lidt små solopgange :D

  5. Very pretty! It reminds me of India.


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