Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy half moons, heart and stripes..

Hi all :)

Jaaah, finally a mani I like.. No I don't like it - I LOVE it =D I did this while still 'on the go' (I had two weeks with this schedule: Jutland - my parents - my bf's parents' baot - my parents - and then home) so I had to use the colors I had with me (and bought while in Jutland :p)

Normally I would probably had done this with more brught colors, but I'm glad I was 'forced' to do it with these, 'cause I like the combo..

Weird clean up - I didn't have my acetone and clean up brush with me (I appreciate them more now :p)

I like that it's colorful, but still 'calm'..

I don't knwo what to say.. hah.. But I really enjoyed this mani =D I looked at my nails a lot when wearing this :P

What I used:
Look, I used that tape again! Much better for this kind of mani
Hve you tried being 'forced' to pick colors 'on the go' you normally wouldn't use and then end up liking it?

Have fun and take care :)


  1. I love this! It looks awesome :)

  2. Thanks both of you :) I'm quite fond of it my self :p

  3. Kan virkelig godt li ringfingeren med de streger der som har forskellig farve :D Hvordan har du lavet det?

  4. Tak :) Jeg har først lavet prikker på hele fingeren.. Så har jeg puttet tape på og så påført et lag af den lak jeg ellers har brugt som baggrund.. Hvis det gir mening? :p

  5. Yep det lyder meget fornuftigt :D


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