Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Halloween-inspired franken

Hi all :)

After seeing swatches of all those halloween polishes, I really wanted a black based orang-y glitter polish.. When I got my hands on some orange glitter in an acceptable color I decided to try it out..

Here's the end result.. I wish I had some larger sized glitters too, but I have to settle with this..

Halloween-inspired franken
Here's what I used for the franken:

And here's how I wore it.. I didn't have time to do any nail art..

The polishes used for this mani:

Since a lot of you wanted to see the Mustard polish from my recent H&M haul, I thought I wanted you to show that it dries darker than the bottle shows..

Nothing fancy, but I've been extremely tired and therefore lacking inspiration.. You are welcome to suggest colors and/or nail art for me to do =)

Are you the lucky owner of a black based orange/cobber glitter polish?

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's nail mail =)

Hi all :)

I had two packages waiting for me at the post office.. One was a swap package from Jackie and the other a small order I placed at (read my where-I-shop-page to read my rambling about them :p)

First, the swap! All the polishes except one was on my lemming-list! Yay! I was so haooy when I opnened this package.. Loooookie:

China Glaze Sour Apple, Snow Globe, Westside Warrior and Trendsetter

Zoya Loredana Mat, Harley and Orly Fresh

OPI Skull & Glossbones, I Lily Love You and Mermaid's Tears
And onto my own order.. I ordered these three Nubars and a Seche Vite..

Nubar Gem, Citadel and Mellow Yellow
And I saw this t-shirt in H&M yesterday, but passed on it.. Went in there today to get my money back for something, and decided to buy it anyway.. Well this is only a pic of the print on it..

I'm not a fan of this kind of print on t-shirt, but hey.. it has nail polish on it! :p

Do you have anything with nail polish print on it? :p

Have fun and take care :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm curious!

Hi all :)

Over the last weeks I've had a ot of trafic from a site called which is, they say, a social networking site for alternative people.. And now I'm curious as to know how people go from there to here? Have somebody linked to this blog in there? Or is it sheer coincidense? :p I wanna know what brings people here! haha.. So enlighten me =D

And now I'm at it, I actually wanna know where all of you 'come from'..! How did you find my blog? What made you decide to go look at it? And what made you decide to be a follower? :D 

(Apparently I'm looking for some love or something :p haha)

No, I really am just curious..  :)

So that this post isn't pic-less, I'll include a poc taken jsut a few hours ago.. There's a tradition about the opnening and closing of a certain amusement park north of where I live, where motorcycles from around the country drive up there all together.. I've seen the motorcycles drive by a lot of times and this time I went with my dad on the drive.. It was quite beautiful with the coastline and everything..

So here's my view from behind my dad on his motorcycle..

They say there are usually around 5-7,000 motorcycles on these trips.. It was a great way for me to relax before the exam and not stress to much.. Granted I could have used some more time to study instead of going on that drive, but hey, I have to relax too, especially the day before the exam..

Wish me good luck with my exam tomorrow =D

Have fun and take care :)

Dots all over..

Hi all :)

It's been a while! I've been in Jutland at my bf's place.. I've been studying my ass off while he's been in school, so I've been busy! My exam is tomorrow and I should try to get an overview of it all (it's an exam with no notes allowed, so I have to remember it all!) but I'm just so tired now, being home and all! hah..

Well, I managed to do one mani while in Jutland.. Looks a lot like the last one, but that's how creative I was and the colors I brought with me was similar to the ones from my last mani..

The pics actually turned out quite allright even though I just snapped them quickly and with nothing but natural light (at home the sun has to shine before I can get a decent natural light pic)

And it is without clean up (for some reason I never bring my clean up gear with me), so it's quite a succesful mani technique wise..

But I did manage to smash my thumb before the mani was fully dry, so it wasn't all perfect! haha
Oh and a pic of my left hand (an akward one of course) I like the fully dotted nail better on this hand.. For some reason I'm not thrilled with the combi on top of the pink/coral polish..

And another succesfull pic.. soo rare! hah

Well, I'm still behind on answering comments and all that.. And I'm still way behind in m Google Reader, even though I read a lot on my trip from Jutland and home.. Oh well, I'll catch up at some point..

Have fun and take care :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A girly mix of everything..

Hi all :)

I'm still terrible at answering your comments, I have an exam coming on in a week, so I try to spend my time studying :p

I felt like some bright, kind of girly colors the other day and ended up with some random nail art and glitter =D

And here's the base colors.. I especially love the pink with gold shimmer.. and the purple/blue one.. and the lime green too! haha

Oh and the thumb too.. yay for dots.. hah..

And I managed to get an almost decent shot of my right hand.. I don't know why, but I can't position my hand the same way at all! hah..

The involved:
Ask if you wanna know any names
I was really pleased with this one, but I peeled it off after a couple of days.. a shame.. and my nails have been naked since :O I hope I get the time to do a new mani today..

Have fun and take care =)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nail Polish News from H&M (again, again...)

Hi all :)

What's not to love about H&M? Cheap, great polishes and they are getting new ones all the time! Awesome!

These are the new ones I discovered 3-4 days ago or so..

Yeah, stripes and odd colors! I'm sold.. Even though I have a lot of lime green and purple colors, I chose to buy both if the Duo-sets... Damn this addiction.. Maybe I'll kick them out again soon :p haha

Well first up is the box with 5 polishes.. This set was $9.64

Yay, they are a bit odd colors.. It is some of their 'big' small bottles aka 5 ml - their regular small bottles are 3.2 ml (yeah, welcome to Europe!)

And a swatch on a nail wheel..

I'm looking forward to using these :)

And the duo ones..These polishes are each 7 ml, so you get 14 ml of polish in a package. I bought it for $4.82 (a package with two polishes in)

I decided that I couldn't justify that purple polish being in my collection, so it's going into my swap/prize-pile.. So there's only swatch of three of them..

The coral one isn't really color accurate..

Yeah, another Nail Polish News ala Swååfie.. I think I did a bit better this time :p

What do you think of these polishes?

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy, rainy days..

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

This mani is partly inspired by Vettens A Fairytale on a Rainy Day and part because I wanted to try out some untrieds..

It didn't turn out quite as I intended, but I kind of like it anway.. It's very muted and calm..

I thought I was hilarious (or, I had a tiny bit of fun with it) because two of the polishes has 'rain' in them.. Eyoko Rain Polish For City Nails and China Glaze Rainstorm..

I think my rainddrops failed a bit, but it's allright..

The involved:

I kind of like rainy days! I think it's too hot when the sun is shining all the time, so the weather here is totally okay with me :p

Do you like rainy days? What's your favourite passtime on rainy days?

Have fun and take care =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

That's right, 55 polishes got kicked out!

Congrats BevyDoll! You guessed the number of polishes in the pile rigth!

This is your prize:

If you send me your adress to my mail: swaafie at gmail dot com
I won't be able to send your prize until wednesday, since I'm still at my boyfriend's house =)

Congrats and thanks to all of you ladies for participating in my tiny contest :)

Funky oriental looking mani.. ish..

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

This mani started out with an urge to try out some untried purple polishes.. After applying them I had no idea what to do next.. I asked my brother which color I should doodle some nail art with... He said orange..

So it ended up looking like this: (I have to say I couldn't capture the color of the purple creme at all! It's way too blue in these pics)

Before the nail art.. Other than the creme I think these are quite accurate.. So they are very blue-based..

I didn't intend to cover up as much of the base color.. But that's just how it ended up..

I liked it, but at the same time felt it was a bit odd.. Well I like odd.. sooo.. haha..

The polishes.. The creme purple is a bit more color accurate here, but it's darker than this..
Ask if you wanna know the names of any polish :)

Have fun and take care =)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Recent (well, not so recent) award and tag!

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

Well, while being very bad at responding to comments, I have been very bad at keeping up with awards and tags.. sooo.. here we go..

Mette awarded me with the sunshine award =D Thanks a thousand times! Since I did this a while ago, I won't do it all again! You can see my 'answers' HERE

And then on to a tag! Gottwinkies tagged me with "Where do I store my cosmetics".. If you've read some of my babbling when I've been tagged in other 'games' and answered questions in awards, you know that I don't really use make up.. haha.. But I took pics of how I store aaaall the make up I might end up using at some point.. maybe.. haha.. here it is:

There's not even a mascare there!
 I store it in a wire basket (don't know if it's the right translation) in my wardrobe, where I have my deos, medicine and vitamin pills, body lotion etc that I sue every day.. I don't use it every day but it's there if I suddenly get the urge.. which happens rarely.. haha.. :)

And again, as lousy as I am at these games, I won't tag anybody.. But if you wanna do this, do it! And let me know, so I can see it ;)

Have fun and take care =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not usually seen here..

(This is a scheduled post since I'm in Jutland)

Hi all :)

This is not normally colors I use.. There's something about red nail polish.. Don't get me wrong - I looove red (if you could see my living room you would understand :p) but there's something I don't like about it when it's on my nails.. Except the red base color I used for this mani =)

First, the finished mani..

And here is it before nail art (and without clean up).. I wanted to try the red P2 polish I got in my last swap.. It's soo beautiful! Maybe it's because it's so brught and orange-toned? I don't know..

I sponged different reds on top and don't think I could've stand this mani if it wasn't for the stripes I did..

I think it looks quite okay despite the shaky lines and all.. But it feels kindof weird to me.. hah.

To show you how I usually mix it up with the nals on the other hand, I tried to take a shot with both hands in it.. Don't laugh, I need to practice! hah..

Reversed on the other hand
I actually like the stripes/design on my right hand better.

What I used:

Do you have a color that just feels wrong when you have it on your nails?

Have fun and take care :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The result of my 'Buy One - Kick One Out' + a tiny contest!

Hi all :)

Okay before you ask, no I didn't buy this mani polishes that I had to kick all of these out of my stash.. But I went a bit overboard and kicked polishes out even without buying a new one.. Some kind of late-summer-cleaning-mode maybe?

Some of these went to my frankening-stash, some of them I'm trying to sell, but most of them will (hopefully) get turned into art! Yay..

Even though I'm dying to tell you how many there are, I'll let you guys gues it =D The first one who guesses the excact number in that pile will get a small prize (of course consisting of new polishes, none of those above :p) Yay! I'm excited! hah..
Rules? Well you have to be one of my lovely followers.. And have an adress I can send the prize to!  =) I of course look at the chronological order of the comments with guesses, to determine who guesed the number first :)

Goooo guess!

While you are guessing I'm heading off for Jutland.. I have some posts scheduled so it won't be so quiet in here.. :)

Have fun and take care =) And good luck!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nail Polish News: Gosh Cracked and H&M Duo Nail Polish

Hi all :)

It's time for Nail Polish News ala Swååfie; crappy, not informative and just.. yeah.. I only do this when I haven't seen it mentioned on any other blog and I kind of feel 'obliged' to at least mentioned it briefly.. :p

Well first off.. Gosh has jumped on the crackle trend! They have launched a black, silver, gold and pale pink-ish crackle.. I hven't bought any 'cause I'm not a big fan of crackle and I think they are too expensive (60 KR/ $11.40 as Gosh usually is).. But I have a crappy phone pic! =D haha

Allright and the other thing is just something I think is kind of funny.. A Duo nail polish from H&M. They are available in three combos, but I just bought this one:

Haha sad pic, one loney polish (Or should I say two?)..

The others are Red/Pink and Grey/pale rosa-ish..
I haven't tried it yet, but the brush is very short and small, so I'm excited to see if it's workable..

Hope you enjoyed this, at least laughed at my news-skills.. :p

Did you know about these 'news' before you read it here? Is it interesting at all?

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy half moons, heart and stripes..

Hi all :)

Jaaah, finally a mani I like.. No I don't like it - I LOVE it =D I did this while still 'on the go' (I had two weeks with this schedule: Jutland - my parents - my bf's parents' baot - my parents - and then home) so I had to use the colors I had with me (and bought while in Jutland :p)

Normally I would probably had done this with more brught colors, but I'm glad I was 'forced' to do it with these, 'cause I like the combo..

Weird clean up - I didn't have my acetone and clean up brush with me (I appreciate them more now :p)

I like that it's colorful, but still 'calm'..

I don't knwo what to say.. hah.. But I really enjoyed this mani =D I looked at my nails a lot when wearing this :P

What I used:
Look, I used that tape again! Much better for this kind of mani
Hve you tried being 'forced' to pick colors 'on the go' you normally wouldn't use and then end up liking it?

Have fun and take care :)
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