Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorbet flowers..

Hi all =)

I haven't really had any inspiration these pasy days.. Hence the lack of posts..

Yesterday I 'came up' with this.. Not really exciting or original or anything..

I decided on the base colors first - the two OPI Sorbets I have.. Mmm.. I loove visible nail line! hah.. I know a lot doesn't but I do =)

OPI sorbets... sooo juicy!
After a couple of hours I decided that I needed some nail art.. but didn't know what.. So I decided to do flowers in similar colors as the base color..

Not much more to say about this.. haha.. But it reminds me of THIS nail art.. probably because of the colors..

The involved:
Ask if you wanna know dome names!
I hope you're all doing fine =D


  1. Det ser altså vældig fint ud. Kan godt li de bløder farver sådan en jelly giver :)

  2. super combinacion, exelente

  3. Def Addicted: Thanks =)

    rijaH: Ja jelly er simpelthen fantastiske!

    Deysi: Thanks!

    Carissakuo: I'm glad you like it =)

  4. that's cute! i love flowers made with dotts!

  5. Fedt! :) det ser godt ud.
    Jeg vil gerne vide hvad den korale OPI hedder, hvis det kan lade sig gøre? :D

  6. Alice: Aww, thanks! I do too, it's easy and look different each time!

    Anonym: Tak =) Det kan du tro! Den hedder Big Hair... Big Nails


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