Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something bright..

Hi all :)

Allright, I've been MIA again.. Hah sorry! This mani is one I did a week ago, before going to Jutland.. I didn't get a good pic of it with my camera so this one is taken with my phone.. And I'm blogging from my phone for the first time, so this probably looks like shit!

I wasn't fully satisfied with this mani.. But I needed something bright and that's what I got.. It's done with some nail art tape, which is supposed to stay on, but I used it instead of normal tape.. Not at all worth it, next time I'll be using a striping brush instead..

Today is my mom's birthday and in my next post I'll show you what I gave her 'cause it's nail polish related :)

See ya!


  1. I love the color combination though, don't be so hard on yourself ;)

  2. I love it! Have you tried or do you have access to scotch tape? That works pretty well for me, but that is a really bright and pretty mani!


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