Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rubber duck..

Hi all =D

Thanks for all of your nice comments on my last post! It makes me so happy =D

A couple of days ago I gave my sister in law a belated birthday gift that, among other things, included a rubber duck which is some kind of collectors item.. I loved the design on it and knew I had to do nails based off of it :)

Since the rubber duck is white, I decided to use my new white polish as a base, even though a creme white would fit better..

And just a quick pic with the end result together with the inspiration, so ou have an idea about why my nails look like they do..

The end result. I actually only like the index finger.. the others are too messy..

And a couple of pics with the nails and the duck..

What I used:
Just leave a comment if there's something you wanna know the name of!
And afterwards I wanted to see how it looked matte.. I kind of like that better..

And I'm using a new background for my pics which are actually some anti-slip thingy that I also have in the drawers with my polishes.. This makes it easier for me to take pics of the tools and polishes I've used for a mani.. Do you think the background is okay, or is the blue color too dominant or overpowering?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I love this! Too cute!!

    I think the blue background is alright, it isn't too dominant, especially since I am too busy scoping out your nails!!

  2. Oooh, very pretty nails! At first I was skeptical about the duck, but it is really fun looking too!

  3. Jeg synes den er helt fin, kan godt lide at du er konsekvent ved billedtagning og har samme baggrund. Det giver et godt helhedsindtryk af bloggen :)

  4. Those nails are so cute! The background color is not a bother to me.

  5. Aww~!! Your mani is sooo cuteXD The little duckie is adorable~<3

  6. me encanta los diseños y los colores

  7. I love that manicure! So fun...I love rubber duckies!Must be because there is a children's song here in the USA that I always liked-about "rubber ducky". Very cute and I like the blue background...

  8. i love the heart on ur pinky! that color is cute.! and i dont mind the background! its a pretty shade of blue.!

  9. Dee: Thanks =) I'm glad you think the background is okay!

    VV: Aaw :) Well it is a bit different than usual rubber ducks :p

    Stine: Det er godt, det er også det jeg prøver på! :)

    Kay: I'm glad you like it =)

    Minnie: Aaw, thanks a lot! hah.. I think it is too!

    deysi: I'm glad you like it, the colors arenice and happy =)

    Gottwinkies: Haha.. awesome! There's is just something about rubber duck, isn't there?

    McDiaz: Thanks a lot :)

  10. Wow, I am in love with that ducky and your nails! I love it even more matte like the ducky. I actually like your index and pinky fingers the most.

    No, I honestly didn't even notice the blue background until you pointed it out! Shows how much I pay attention when there are nails around to look at.


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