Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick update! /UPDATED with pics/

Just a quick update! I just got home.. Not from Roskilde, but from my parents.. I got sick, so I had to leave the festival early :( What a shame, but thankfully I hadn't paid for the ticket.. My dad picked me up from there, and I've spend the rest of the week at my parents house..

So technically I could have posted, but I didn't have anything with me nail polish and -art wise.. I missed blogging, but I kinda need my stash to have something to blog about :p haha..

But hopefully I'll have something up later today =D I just didn't want to make my first post very long by writing this..

/UPDATE: So that this post isn't without any pics I can show you a mani I did on my mom with two polishes she just bought: Sally Hansen Salon-thingy in Pedal to the Metal and Raise the Bar (as far as I remember)

This is phone pics and therefore not the best (and me with a shaky hand and a mani with no clean up)

Because I didn't have my supplies I had to improvise.. I used a toothpick for the dots and found a small-ish paint brush in my mom's hobby stash that I used for the tips..


See ya soon =D

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