Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ooohh, Japanese swap!

Hi all :)

Tera asked me a while ago if I still had any Gosh Holographic available.. Luckily I had just gotten my hands on one more.. So we agreed on doing a swap and since she's currently residing in Japan I could get some Japanese goodies =D

And look at that package! Isn't it awesome?

I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of all the candy-ish stuff.. But some of it was quite good =) haha.. But luckily it was all about the polishes..

Here they are, all of them..

I'm going to show you some close-ups.. Except the OPI, I'm pretty sure must of you know what that is all about (it's Stranger Tides).. And since I don't have a lot of time, this is without any names.. hah.. You can leave a message if you wanna know any specifik names..

Mmm look, awesome shimmer!

Heart-shaped bottles! AWESOME! hah

Aahh.. These are just wonderful.. Especially the bottom one!

Aand pa and flakies =D

Mmm.. I'm extremely satisfied and owerwhelmed.. :p I did a quick mani with Stranger Tides as base and an accent finger of.. ehm.. the bottom one in the pic before the pa-pic :p hah.. I also added two different layers of a flakie, glitter or shimmer topcoats on the other nails..

I seriously have problems taking pics atm so this is the best you'll get:

I meant to do something on top of this, but I ruined this mani before I got the chance..

I haven't tried all the polishes yet.. But those I have i LOOVE!

Well, I'm off to Jutland! again yeah.. hah.. Me having a boyfriend seriously show on this blog :p Bad pics, not decent manis, less posts.. I hope you can all bear with me! hah.. I hope I get some blogging done anyway, but I have to study for an exam too.. Well, we'll see!

Do you have any of these Japanese brands?

See ya =)


  1. Nice swap! I see, Tera spoiled you ;)
    I love Canmake... they have some really awesome glitters. I wanna go back to Japan... :(

  2. wow these are really good you got some awesome layering polishes!

    shel xx

  3. I have a friend from Japan---she was an exchange student in my dorm---and I keep wanting to ask her if she'll bring stuff back for me when she goes home for break! Lol

  4. Just FYI, those koala cookies are freaking awesome! Probably one of my favorite junk foods here :P They have a few different flavours and all are so yummy.
    I have a polish same as the first pic of the two Winmax shimmers except it's blue/pink. I haven't used it yet but it sure looks pretty lol.
    I think I have the Majolica Majorco, I did a post on it. It's almost an exact dupe for Orly Royal Navy, just slight differences only us polish obsessives would see :P I love the MM polishes, too bad the bottles are so freaking teeny.
    I have one PA polish. I haven't picked up any Canmakes or the heart shaped ones. For some reason none of the colors have really stood out to me.
    By far my favorite brand here is Winmax. They are a dollar store brand but they put out the best polishes! Bonus points for generally awesome formula too :)

  5. I don't have any of them but I'd like to! the bottles are sooo cute!

  6. LOVELY! I love your blog ;)

    take a look and see if you like mine :D

  7. Sofie, du ved det nok allerede, men nu er det officielt!
    Jeg elsker din blog! :)
    Har derfor nomineret den til en Sunshine Award.
    Tjek min blog ud i løbet af i morgen for yderligere info:)

  8. Jeg har godt nok ikke nogen fra Japan, men er ved at vente en masse neglelak goodies fra Vietnam bl.a. mærket ATP der er meget populær dernede. Kunne forestille mig de havde nogle af de samme trendmærker i asien :) Men det er en skøn blog! Jeg er en ny fan. Håber du vil hjælpe mig ved at tjekke min lidt ud xoxo Theresa

  9. Great loot you scored!! ^_^


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