Monday, July 11, 2011

Not a kiwi mani.. or is it..?!

Hi all =)

Allright, that title might need some explaining.. Well I bought this awesome new polish a couple of days ago.. It's a lime green-ish from H&M called 'I'm not a kiwi'.. LOL! Hilarious (IMO at least)..

Well, that Facebook-group, Polish-aholic Anonymous (PaA) has this Monday Nail Art Challenge and this week the topic is sponging.. So yesterday I decided I wanted to use this new polish of mine as base, with some greens on it.. And at some point it dawned upon me that it could actually turn into a kiwi mani, albeit an abstract one..

"Not a kiwi you say? I'll make you a kiwi!! Mwuhahahaha!".. 

Ahem.. on to the pics..

Mmm.. Green! Mmm.. Bright colors!.... Mmm.. LOVE IT
I'm in love.. And I'm even more in love with I'm not a kiwi.. I couldn't get a color accurate shot of it, so a did a side-by-side bottle comparison with some close relatives..

Sometimes when I look at it, I think yellow.. Sometimes lime.. And I love it even more for that =) But I have to say that the first coats is pretty yellw-lime-ish and the next coat makes it more lime-ish.. But i loove lime, so that's fine by me..

Allright enought blabbering..

And in daylight:

The accessories to turning I'm not a kiwi into a kwi! mwuhaha!:

Obviously I think this is fun.. Little things please little minds.. Oh well! hah

I adore this mani (if I didn't already point that out)

What do you ladies think? Is it crazy taking a polish' name so litterally that you can find it amusing to contradict it? haha! Do you like this abstract kiwi mani?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Pretty! I love all of the greens :)

  2. DUDE! That is ADORABLE! And man I never thought of using a sponge tip applicator for sponging! Good tip ;)

  3. ooh that is so cool!! great job

  4. Det ser rigtig flot ud! :)

  5. Not cray at all! at least: creative!

    Loved your mani!

  6. LOVE!! What is the name of the Gosh glitter? Also how did you do the seeds? I seriously love this!!

  7. Hahahaha! I LOVE this one! I have a green that your polish reminds me of, day-glow yelow/green and they grow on you, don't they! Great job sponging and WOW, I do love this mani!

  8. Ser altså super fedt ud :D Og er da sejt at lige lave det til en kiwi trods navnet :P

  9. Def Addicted: Thaanks! Me too! haha

    Claudia: Thanks, dude! LOL! hah.. Well it gives a good grip with the handle and everything.. =)

    Kate: Aww, thanks!

    SM: Tak, glad for du synes det :)

    Thakitty: That was a good way to put it! Thanks!

    Amber: Aww! It's Green Hawaii, it's seriously awesome! I did the seeds with a very small dotting tool, and then just 'smudged' it a bit so they weren't round.. Makes sense?

    Gottwinkies: Hah thaanks! Great someone can appreciate my.. erm.. humour.. Well I love them even before I put them on, so the loves grows biig! hah.. Thanks a lot =)

    rijaH: Haha ja jeg blev sgu lidt trodsig der.. :p Og tak =)

  10. I love this! It is so cute. I like all the greens used in it too. You are crazy creative!

  11. Chicnight: Aaw, you make me blush! hah.. I'm glad you enjoy this.. =)

  12. I absolutely adore this. I can't even express how much!

  13. I tagged you! "Where do I keep my cosmetics?"

  14. Before you even said kiwi, I knew exactly what it was! You did a great job :)

  15. CucumPear: Aaw! Thanks like a million times! :p That's really awesome!

    Gottwinkies: Oh! Thanks =) I think I'll do a very disappointing post on that :p ha.. I'll try =)

    Ambern: That's great =) I'm glad it is possible to see! Thanks =)

  16. Oh this is very cute kiwi :) I like them!
    Your nails look very FRESH :)

  17. Thanks for following my baby blog! ;)

    I LOVE this mani and will have to keep it in mind for the future.

  18. Rabbit: Hah thanks! They do look fresh indeed! It's lovely =)

    Charli: You're welcome and thanks for following me back! I would love to see how you would do it, I'm looking forward to it =)

  19. Amazingly well done, they look exactly like kiwis! :)

  20. Your manis are so original. Love this!


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