Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Little Fat Ghost-ist Seahorse..

Hi all!

Yes, this is what I called the mani I did today.. I started with a turquoise base color, and dabbed some of theblue/green-ish H&M from the other day and some other glistening polishes in that hue..

In my mind I wanted a white seahors and bubbles on top of that.. But ended up doing the bubbles in another turquoise shade, and still do the seahorse in white..

It looked cool enough, but when I added some 'pattern' to the seahorse, it looked weird without outlining.. So I did a black outline and then it looked all weird that the seahorse was white.. like a ghost..

The base colors are much more turquoise IRL, a lot more greener than in these pics.. I couldn't get it right at all! aergh.. annoys me..

I think this is the most color accurate one I got.. It's on top of a turquoise blouse I have, hoping that it would bring the real color out more..

See some shimmer and flakies?
Just imagine it being more green-ish!

I actually like this mani.. Even thought it ended up looking like a ghost seahorse..

I don't know if it looks like bubbles on the other nails? I was a bit lazy, so this was how big an effort I wanted to put in it..

Aaand what I used:
Leave a comment if you wanna know the names on any of these polishes!
Do you like my little fat ghost seahorse? Doesn't he look a bit lonely? :p

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I love him!
    and the bubbles are just fine!

  2. I think it's super cute!

    Maybe this lonely guy is the seahorse in the Jonathan Coulton song Seahorse. :)

  3. Cute! I like how you painted the bubbles! :)
    The seahorse looks like a silhouette and it's good!

  4. super lindo, mwe encanta el color y el diseño

  5. Haha, har den mon set et spørgelse? ;)
    Jeg synes den er fin, om ikke andet er ideen bag god.
    Hvor har du dine fine pensler fra?

  6. It's a cute seahorse and the bubbles are fabulous!

  7. your bubbles look 3D it.!

  8. Anonym: Aaaw, thanks! He is kinda cute :p

    KarenD: Thaanks :) Well I don't know that song, but I guess I have to listen to it! =)

    Rina: Oh, I'm glad you like it.. I wasn't sure it looked like bubbles, but I guess it does then :p

    deysi: Well, thansk a lot!

    Stine: Jah, det må den næsten.. Den må ha set sig i et spejl.. heh. Penslerne har jeg købt på trendsales! En pakke med 15 (!) pensler til 75 kr (med porto tror jeg nok) Ret billigt og er glade for dem!

    Kay:Thank you very much! I appreciate that =)

    McDiaz: Hah cool! That was not even on purpose! :p


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