Saturday, July 9, 2011

Instead of a no buy...

Now that I broke my no buy [POST] I thought that there must be an alternative that would be almost just as good.. The reason why I wanted to be on a no buy, is that I can't give such a huge amount of polishes the attention that I want! Sometimes I even stumble upon a polish that I forgot I owned! I don't like that..

I remember those days where I easily knew how all my green shades looked, which yellow polishes I owned and so on.. *sigh* not any more (a bit sentimental :p)

Well, I decided that every time I buy a new polish, I'll replace it with another one in my stash.. So my stash won't be growing and I'll get rid of those polishes that I don't use..
I don't know yet of I'll give those polishes away to people I know or if I'll be doing a blogsale or whatever I'll do with them.. I guess it depends on which polishes I'll kick out :p

But of course there need to be exceptions.. This rule doesn't apply to...:
  • Black and white creme polishes - 'cause they are just essentials
  • Base- and topcoats or the like.. duh..
  • Polishes intended for frankens (I don't do that a lot, but it happens)
  • And then of course polishes that I buy for you guys (I'm slowly gathering polishes for a nail art contest or the like in the future.. probably waaay in the future.. better to be prepared)

I've allready bought two polishes after I decided on doing this.. And there were so many polishes that I was ready to kick out, so I'm not fearing that this will be too hard.. And I probably think about it one more time when I buy a polish - is it really worth it, compared to what I'll end up replacing it with..?

I think I'll do this for the rest of july.. Maybe I'll do some kind of status in the end..?

So what do you think of this idea? Would you be able to do something like that? Or is it just me who wants to be able to remember every single polish in the stash? :p

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I like knowing what I've got in my stash too. My no-buy lasts until August and then all bets are off!

  2. I think that's an excellent plan!

  3. I think it souonds like a good idea....I think I have less than 50-they all fit in 2 small plastic drawers. They seem to be having babies, because my collection is mysteriously growing...hmmmmm

  4. I'm glad you ladies think it's a good idea! I think this will work MUCH better! =D

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