Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guest Nails and Guest MANicurist!

Hi all!

Thanks for all the congratulations :) Before you ask if he supports my hobby/addiction, I'll let this post give you an idea.. :p

First time he stayed at our place (and second time I met him) he asked if I could polish a couple of his nails.. He wanted to stop biting his nails.. So I polishes his index and middle finger.. I did that a couple of times when he visited..

Last week when we went to Jutland to celebrate his birthday I took a lot of colorful polishes with me.. This time he wanted to have a full mani and it ended up being a colorful one because of the polishes I had taken with me..

See those two long nails? He has been working on those for more than a month now! :p
The Hello Kitty prob needs some explaining :p At some point (I don't know when) he bought a Hello Kitty backpack with a pencil case, because, well, there was a cat on it and that was kind of fun.. Little did he know that people would find it funny that a grown man had a Hello Kitty backpack.. So now he owns some more HK stuff curtesy of his friends :p So of course he needed one on his nails too!

A better look at the HK

When he came back with us, we decided on a more manly mani..

And I got him to do my nails! just for fun :p (hence the MANicurist in the title) He applied polish on both my hands, but with the nail art he gave up after doing one hand.. And it's my right hand, so here's a very akward pic of my right hand:

I think it's pretty awesome for someone not used to apply polish! I think he did a better job than I did in the beginning :p

So I think it's safe to say that he supports this hobby of mine.. All of this was done before we started dating, so he knew what he was getting in to.. :) And do I have to say that I think this is absolutely AWESOME? hah

I know this was with poor pics compared to what I usually posts but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! hah.. Maybe he'll be featured again at some point :p

Have you ever had the pleasure of doing a male friend's nails? Or boyfriend maybe?

Have fun and take care :)


  1. Årh tillykke med kæresten! :) Ih det er så skønt sådan noget!
    Faktisk, har netop haft lejlighed til at udsmykke min Hr. Kæreste's pegefinger med stjerner fra en af mine Easy Paris lakker, det blev FINT! :)

  2. How adorable!
    And I stamped little skulls on my dads thumbnails a while ago ;) He was amused but it lasted no longer than two minutes before he took it off again ;)

  3. Never had a boyfriend let me do that... but when I was little my uncle let me and a friend paint his toenails neon colors. :)

  4. This is so cute! What a catch :)

  5. Aw too cute! I ask my bf all the time if I can paint his nails. He always answers with a firm no. :P

  6. My husband used to sport long curls and an earring but painted nails, even painted toenails he could hide, would be going too far.

  7. Stine: Tak! Hvor godt du har fået lov til det.. Det er ret skægt ;)

    Claudia: It's always something he let you do it then :)

    Thenailaholic: Haha well, that's something too :p

    Adrianna: Thanks, he is quite a catch ;)

    Liz: Haha just keep asking, maybe some day he'll say yes! :p

    MK: Hah tsk tsk.. that's just hypocritical! :p

  8. Very cool - I think it's great, and he did a great job with yours. I haven't been able to paint my husbands nails (yet), but just yesterday on my blog I showed my three year old son's painted nails. He loved them.


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