Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forgive me, oh Followers, for I have sinned!

I broke my no buy! First I actually did it so I could get some cheap polishes for you guys for a future nail art contest (or something like that).. But then I found new H&M polishes.. a H&M crackle.. and a H&M Summer Nails with an awesome looking polish in it..

Then I went to Matas (drugstore) and then I went crazy! Well, not really, but I bought some polishes which are a bit more expensive than I usually wanna pay..

And in pieces they had their polishes on sale for 10 kr. ( approx $1,94).. What's a girl gotta do?

Maxfactor Wicked White, H&M Summer Nails (it's the green/blue-ish one I was interested in - the rest is meh), H&M Cracked Nail Polish, Pieces Silver Lightning (as far as I recall) and a Depend Cracked Effect in lime green

But I think 1½ week without buying a single polish is kind of decent enough.. I had been out shopping and resisting polishes in that time.. AND I'm not sure when I'll go to Holland, maybe there'll be another month before I go there and that would be waay too long time to wait :p (can you feel that I need to justify this? haha)

A quick swatch of the interesting polishes:

H&M Metallic Blue (yeah, H&M is not that good at naming their polishes in a correct way), Wicked White and the Pieces-one
The white is not that exciting, but I have a thing for white.. Maybe this one is a bit too pearly for my taste.. But I still like it =)

The silver Pieces one has gold in it too, and that's what draw me to it! It reminded me of a swatch of some new OPI polish, but I can't remember which.. Anyway I LOVE this!

And Metallic Blue is just awesome! It reminds me of a mix between Essence Glisten Up! (but without flakies) and China Glaze Atlantis (but without holo).. This is filled with what I think must be glass flecks..?

I tried to layer it over different polishes, because it's pretty sheer..

H&M Metallic Blue layered over (from L-R): Oh My Gosh! Apple Green, a baby blue Maybeline Colorama, a blue Rimmel polish, a black W'n'W  and ind the end: 4 coats on it's own..

With these swatches I almost used 1/4th of the bottle! Damn you teeny tiny bottles! I might have to buy another of this Summer Nail set, just to get a back up bottle of this one.. The bottles in it are only 3,2 ml :S

/Edit/ Somehow I forgot to include the pic of the crackle polishes in action.. it's here now :p

I really like them =) The H&M one had a great formula, a bit thinner than the Depend crackle, so it's easier to work with!/Endofedit/

I H&M I also bought these ear rings.. I love the different kind of insects and I would loove to do a nail art design inspired them!

Ear rings with creepy insects and more normal 'happy and fluffy' insects and animals

Oh, and later that day I found an online beauty store based inside of Europe and with free shipping.. I can't resist that.. So I bought some more :p I'll ramble more about that place when I recieve my stuff - if I like the place.. If I do like it I have a feeling that I will order from there a lot..

Allright, I'll stop now..

Do you think my break of my no buy wass 'justified'? Would you have done the same? haha.. And do you have any suggestions as to how I could do a nail art design based off of my new earrings?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I forgive you my child for you have sinned. XD
    When there's cheap and lovely polishes before you, then why shouldn't you buy it? :)

    ...wait what?!! H&M has got a crackle polish????? Oh no, I feel a haul coming up...must resist! Love the summer polishes as well. :)

  2. Altså, når H&M ligefrem kaster sommerlakker efter os, hvad er der så at gøre?
    Synes iøvrigt det er forfærdeligt at gå shoppe uden at må shoppe lakker, det er jo ubehageligt!!
    Holder klart stadig på en max-kvote hvis man absolut skal have en sådan ;)

  3. You'rr forgiven, cause I did the exact same thing. I swore my 'No buy in July' and then not 5 hours later I went and bought 12 more polishes!! Totally justified! Love the earrings, can wait to see your designs. Love that yellow crackle too!

  4. LMAO!!! You are totally forgiven...it is your budget, not ours, lol! Those are truly awesome goodies...Yay for amazing finds and Booooo for teeny bottles lol :)

  5. Lols!! You're so cuteXD Don't worry, every girl fall into the same trap all the time(at least me;p). You bought a great range of nail polishes!! Wow!! I really wanto to draw sea turtles on that beautiful light blue polish;D

  6. Haha thanks for forgiving me ladies! :p

    Olivia, I totally agree.. I can't pass up on a good bargain! And yeah. H&M is on the hype now! haha.. Good luck trying to resist ;)

    Stine, ja så er det ikke nemt vel? Det gik faktisk rigtig godt de par gange jeg var ude og shoppe, selvom jeg troede det var hårdt - for det var i andre byer end jeg plejer.. Men nej nej, først når jeg kommer hjem til der hvor jeg plejer at shoppe :p Max kvote er nok en god idé ;)

    Cathy, Haha I'm gad I'm not the only one! It's just when being around none-polish-freaks, the don't really get it! hah.. Og and that crackle is actually lime green :)

    Gottwinkies, you're right, I should be asking my bank account for forgivenes instead :p And tiny bottles of awesome polishes should be banned!

    Minnie: Haha thanks :) Ooh, sea turtles.. That was a good idea.. I don't think I could do that, but I would love to see you do it =)

  7. Well, I do like the white one! Love the pearled effect on it! The H&M blue one reminds me of some Essence, maybe Choose Me, unless it is more green than blue. I'm really curious to know about the European store since I'm Italian!

  8. I would have done the same thing. Oh, the H&M blue looks amazing layered! And I am loving the Depend lime crackle.

    Maybe do insects on one hand and the rest on the other hand. Or do the different type of wings on your nails. Like the birds wings on part of a nail and the dragonfly's wings on another and so on?

  9. orh hvor er det fedt at H&M har lavet en crackle!!! :D - Har de andre farver end den sorte?

  10. Simona: I like it too =) I think the blue one is a bit different thatn The Essence one, I think it's more light!

    Tera: Hah, glad I'm not alone.. And those polishes are just stunning!
    Ooh, I like the idea about the different type of wings =)

    Anonym: Ja det er ret fedt! De havde kun en sort i den H&M jeg var i, men ved ikke om der er andre farver andre steder? Men ellers kan det være de kommer ud med flere på et tidspunkt!


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