Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dotty dotty (with a REAL dotting tool and a review)

Yes, I've got myself some dotting tools =) I'll talk about them after I've shown you the mani..

When I showed you my latest haul(s) Liz asked if I wanted to swatch the Skin Food polishes.. That's why I chose them for my first mani since a 'long' break..

The Skin Food polishes are the lime green-ish and orange ones.. The yellow is a H&M polish:
pretty pretty =D
 I thought they would both be creme pastels.. But the orange one has i tiny bit of silver-ish shimmer in it..

I wanted to do different designs with the dotting tools, just to try out the different sizes and such..


I'm not a big fan of this mani.. It's too pastel.. But both the colors and the dots reminded me of my pedi, which I've currently worn for a bit more than a week.. Except this is neon as opposed to pastel

Pastel mani and neon pedi - both with dots

All the involved:

Allright, on to the dotting tools.. I got them for review from BornPrettyStore! =D Yay, lucky me!

I love that they are bright colored =)

There are 5 in a package, and it puzzles me a bit.. There's nothing weird about that when you look at this pic of the one end of all of them:

But when you look at the other end, they all look excactly the same size! I looked a long time and tried to find variations in the size, but I couldn't!

So I don't get why, instead of having 5 dotting tools, they wouldn't just make 3 dotting tools and it would cover the same number of different sized 'heads'.. Does any of you have a logic conclusion to that?

That's about the only 'bad' thing I have to say about these.. Really, it doesn't make any difference in the quality of the dotting tools, but I'm just thinking about the 'waste' of making 5 different tools, when 3 could be enough..

BornPrettyStore have free shipping world wide. They estimate the shipping to be around 3-4 weeks, but I got my package after just  14 days!
They have al sorts of supplies for nail art: Nail polish, stamping plates, stickers, crackle polish etc.!

BornPrettyStore has been so kind as to give me a discount code for my followers! Use this code: SKEJ61 to get 10 % off your order =D That is awesome, because their prices are already low! The code is always easy to find in the sidebar to the right..

That must be it for now! I've already taken off this mani, because it was too subtle.. My nail polish is now cornered by all the stuff from our basement that we had to carry up to our apartment, because of the last days' rainstorm! But I'll probably rearrange all the boxes and stuff early tomorrow because I wanna have the chance to polish my nails :p

I hope you are all doing well =D


  1. I like the green! :) Thank you for swatching those! :D And I've been eyeing those dotting tools. They look very nice. Maybe the other end is like a default dot size, so you won't have to reach for another tool to use it. Instead you can just use the other side? Not sure. :P

  2. I bought a set of dotting tools from ebay that look similar to Born Pretty's but mine have different sizes on the ends. Maybe it was a mistake?

  3. nice colors, good buying stamps.
    do not forget to draw on my blog


  4. Hi Sofie! Hope you had a great time at the festival thought you had to leave earlier. And the mani is just adorable :)

  5. Very cute dots and colors :)

  6. Liz: You're welcome =) Well, these are def good! And you can get 10 % off AND free shipping, so go ahead! haha

    Poetic Realist: Oh.. Maybe that's it? But still, I don't feel like I miss any sizes of 'heads' so it's not a big deal.. Do yours have 10 different sizes then?

    deysi: Thanks!

    Jane, thanks a lot :) I had a great time when I was there!

    Diana: Thanks you :)

  7. This way they can sell more.

  8. It's not a mistake, I bought them in pink, in bornprettystore and is the same,and I have not got the second in yellow, really I have four different sizes in ten ends, I don't need all the pens because is repeated, better buying in ebay only what you need :((((((


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