Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crack that kiwi!

Hi all =)

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my last post! I'm glad you share my joy towards that mani :p!

I hoped that I could get myself to wear that kiwi mani for a least a couple of days, but I couldn't resist my urge to redo my nails, because I had something else exciting planned.. But before I took it off I slapped on some crackle in fitting colors..

I'm not in love with crackle as so many of you guys are, but I do put it on once in a while.. One day I might find a combo I like =)

This looks kind of look though, but I couldn't see myself wearing it.. Don't know why..

I'm looking forward to show you my current mani =)

Do you like the crackle trend? What's your fave combo?

Have fun and take care!


  1. Aw I prefer the Kiwi's those were so cute!
    I've got to admit, I do own a few crackle polishes but I'm so over the whole trend by now, the polishes are everywhere and most of them aren't really cracking all that well either :( the different metallics that are out aren't very pretty in my opinion.

  2. me gusta con el color negro, esta lindo



  3. I really like the idea of using different colors crackle polishes. :)

  4. Claudia: Me too! But I had such an urge to do something new :p
    I feel a bit the same about those crackles.. The last ones i bought was in a hope that I might like them in those color better! haha

    deysi: Yeah I actually think that's the most pretty one, maybe because it makes the other colors pop more!

    Sandra: Well thanks =) That way it don't get too boring! hah


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