Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color Cue Splatter

Hi all =)

Almost a month ago I mentioned  that I wanted to do a nail design inspired by Abby's weekly Color Cue post.. She didn't do one again until Friday, and yesterday I got around to do a mani inspired by it! =)

I'm not one for doing what everybody else are doing, but when thinking about how to use the colors I wanted to try a splatter mani!

So this is how it ended out:
Veeery messy splatter mani!
And here's the Color Cue:

I can see that for the first color in that row, I should have chosen another color, but I don't think I had one that matched.. But overall I think it matched quite allright..

And it was soooo fun to do! haha.. I might have to do that again at some point :p It ended up being a really messy look, whereas I've seen a lot of splatter manis with 'clean' and 'crisp' splatters (if that makes any sense).. That I couldn't do.. But I like the messiness of this :p

Here's the base color.. I used it first time as the base for the tail in my Mermaid Tail Mani and I fell in love with it..

H&M Hello Kitty Turqouise. No clean up..
And some more pics of the messy splatter!

I feel very artistic with these nails, as if I was a painter which nails got messy during painting something awesome :p

What I used:
Ask if there's any color you want to know the name of.. (I'm lazy :p)
Do you think I nailed the colors in the Color Cue? (pun intended a bit) Have you tried doing a splatter mani?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. This looks amazing! The gold polish you chose is absolutely perfect!

  2. of course you did and you did very well too! Ive never try doing splatter but this seems fun!

  3. I love it! and those colors are awesome together, I've never done the splatter before, honestly because I don't know how :P But I love it!

  4. Tak mor =)

    Abby: Yes it is, it's first time I'm using it and I'm pleasantly surprised =)

    Holiday: Hah, thanks! Try it - it is fun albeit a bit messy =)

    Ambern: I'm glad you do =) It's really awesome colors and that's what I love about these Color Cues - you get to try new combinations, that you hadn't thought about. Well it's not that difficult, you just use a straw.. You can find several tutorials if you search on google ;)


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