Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something bright..

Hi all :)

Allright, I've been MIA again.. Hah sorry! This mani is one I did a week ago, before going to Jutland.. I didn't get a good pic of it with my camera so this one is taken with my phone.. And I'm blogging from my phone for the first time, so this probably looks like shit!

I wasn't fully satisfied with this mani.. But I needed something bright and that's what I got.. It's done with some nail art tape, which is supposed to stay on, but I used it instead of normal tape.. Not at all worth it, next time I'll be using a striping brush instead..

Today is my mom's birthday and in my next post I'll show you what I gave her 'cause it's nail polish related :)

See ya!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ooohh, Japanese swap!

Hi all :)

Tera asked me a while ago if I still had any Gosh Holographic available.. Luckily I had just gotten my hands on one more.. So we agreed on doing a swap and since she's currently residing in Japan I could get some Japanese goodies =D

And look at that package! Isn't it awesome?

I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of all the candy-ish stuff.. But some of it was quite good =) haha.. But luckily it was all about the polishes..

Here they are, all of them..

I'm going to show you some close-ups.. Except the OPI, I'm pretty sure must of you know what that is all about (it's Stranger Tides).. And since I don't have a lot of time, this is without any names.. hah.. You can leave a message if you wanna know any specifik names..

Mmm look, awesome shimmer!

Heart-shaped bottles! AWESOME! hah

Aahh.. These are just wonderful.. Especially the bottom one!

Aand pa and flakies =D

Mmm.. I'm extremely satisfied and owerwhelmed.. :p I did a quick mani with Stranger Tides as base and an accent finger of.. ehm.. the bottom one in the pic before the pa-pic :p hah.. I also added two different layers of a flakie, glitter or shimmer topcoats on the other nails..

I seriously have problems taking pics atm so this is the best you'll get:

I meant to do something on top of this, but I ruined this mani before I got the chance..

I haven't tried all the polishes yet.. But those I have i LOOVE!

Well, I'm off to Jutland! again yeah.. hah.. Me having a boyfriend seriously show on this blog :p Bad pics, not decent manis, less posts.. I hope you can all bear with me! hah.. I hope I get some blogging done anyway, but I have to study for an exam too.. Well, we'll see!

Do you have any of these Japanese brands?

See ya =)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guest Nails and Guest MANicurist!

Hi all!

Thanks for all the congratulations :) Before you ask if he supports my hobby/addiction, I'll let this post give you an idea.. :p

First time he stayed at our place (and second time I met him) he asked if I could polish a couple of his nails.. He wanted to stop biting his nails.. So I polishes his index and middle finger.. I did that a couple of times when he visited..

Last week when we went to Jutland to celebrate his birthday I took a lot of colorful polishes with me.. This time he wanted to have a full mani and it ended up being a colorful one because of the polishes I had taken with me..

See those two long nails? He has been working on those for more than a month now! :p
The Hello Kitty prob needs some explaining :p At some point (I don't know when) he bought a Hello Kitty backpack with a pencil case, because, well, there was a cat on it and that was kind of fun.. Little did he know that people would find it funny that a grown man had a Hello Kitty backpack.. So now he owns some more HK stuff curtesy of his friends :p So of course he needed one on his nails too!

A better look at the HK

When he came back with us, we decided on a more manly mani..

And I got him to do my nails! just for fun :p (hence the MANicurist in the title) He applied polish on both my hands, but with the nail art he gave up after doing one hand.. And it's my right hand, so here's a very akward pic of my right hand:

I think it's pretty awesome for someone not used to apply polish! I think he did a better job than I did in the beginning :p

So I think it's safe to say that he supports this hobby of mine.. All of this was done before we started dating, so he knew what he was getting in to.. :) And do I have to say that I think this is absolutely AWESOME? hah

I know this was with poor pics compared to what I usually posts but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! hah.. Maybe he'll be featured again at some point :p

Have you ever had the pleasure of doing a male friend's nails? Or boyfriend maybe?

Have fun and take care :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long time no post...

Sorry guys, real life has really been in the way of blogging..

I went to Jutland (4 hour train trip - almost the longest you can travel within the borders of Denmark :p) with my brother and his girlfriend to visit one of her friends and celebrate his birthday.. He went with us back to our place to stay for a while.. He just left today.. And somewhere along that timeline he became my boyfriend! :D Yay, I'm so happy! haha..

So you can probably imagine that I'm quite happy right now and have been busy.. I just wanted to pop in and say I'm still alive.. As soon as I get around to editing some pics I'll have a real post up for ya! :)

Now I have something like 570 blog post in my Google Reader to catch up on.. phew.. I won't make it :p And I have your lovely comments, that I hope I'll get the time to respond to!

Hope all of you are doing fine :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Green loooove!

Hi all =)

I'm going on an extended weekend to Jutland to celebrate a friend's birthday.. So I need a mani that can last! Since I always change my manis within a couple of days, I don't really have any experience with which polishes last long :p But the one thing I know is that when I had Essie Bright Tights on my toes they æasted surprisingly long, so I concluded that Essie must be my choice.. haha

So I grabbed the only two other Essie I have; Sew Psyked and Incognito.. I was satisfied with the green choice, because I got a notice from the mail man saying I had a packet waiting for me at the post office.. I hoped it would be my package with Nubars in it and I knew a couple of them would fit to the Essies..

And it was..

so.. I only have one pic.. Taken with my phone.. It was impossible to take a decent pic with my camera for some reason..
Phone pic.. Quite allright, huh?
Nothing impressive or anything.. Just needed something quick and I of course wanted to try out my very first Nubars!

And I'm in love.. Both with Essie and Nubar.. I love the formula and brushes with them both!

Soo, here they are:

And my package! A lot of goodies I've wanted for a while but can't get here.. I spend a lot of money on this, but it was worth it and I'll probably do it again :p

So I'm heading off soon! I'll be back sunday.. ish..

I wish you all a happy weekend =)

Have fun and take care!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color Cue Splatter

Hi all =)

Almost a month ago I mentioned  that I wanted to do a nail design inspired by Abby's weekly Color Cue post.. She didn't do one again until Friday, and yesterday I got around to do a mani inspired by it! =)

I'm not one for doing what everybody else are doing, but when thinking about how to use the colors I wanted to try a splatter mani!

So this is how it ended out:
Veeery messy splatter mani!
And here's the Color Cue:

I can see that for the first color in that row, I should have chosen another color, but I don't think I had one that matched.. But overall I think it matched quite allright..

And it was soooo fun to do! haha.. I might have to do that again at some point :p It ended up being a really messy look, whereas I've seen a lot of splatter manis with 'clean' and 'crisp' splatters (if that makes any sense).. That I couldn't do.. But I like the messiness of this :p

Here's the base color.. I used it first time as the base for the tail in my Mermaid Tail Mani and I fell in love with it..

H&M Hello Kitty Turqouise. No clean up..
And some more pics of the messy splatter!

I feel very artistic with these nails, as if I was a painter which nails got messy during painting something awesome :p

What I used:
Ask if there's any color you want to know the name of.. (I'm lazy :p)
Do you think I nailed the colors in the Color Cue? (pun intended a bit) Have you tried doing a splatter mani?

Have fun and take care =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crack that kiwi!

Hi all =)

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my last post! I'm glad you share my joy towards that mani :p!

I hoped that I could get myself to wear that kiwi mani for a least a couple of days, but I couldn't resist my urge to redo my nails, because I had something else exciting planned.. But before I took it off I slapped on some crackle in fitting colors..

I'm not in love with crackle as so many of you guys are, but I do put it on once in a while.. One day I might find a combo I like =)

This looks kind of look though, but I couldn't see myself wearing it.. Don't know why..

I'm looking forward to show you my current mani =)

Do you like the crackle trend? What's your fave combo?

Have fun and take care!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Not a kiwi mani.. or is it..?!

Hi all =)

Allright, that title might need some explaining.. Well I bought this awesome new polish a couple of days ago.. It's a lime green-ish from H&M called 'I'm not a kiwi'.. LOL! Hilarious (IMO at least)..

Well, that Facebook-group, Polish-aholic Anonymous (PaA) has this Monday Nail Art Challenge and this week the topic is sponging.. So yesterday I decided I wanted to use this new polish of mine as base, with some greens on it.. And at some point it dawned upon me that it could actually turn into a kiwi mani, albeit an abstract one..

"Not a kiwi you say? I'll make you a kiwi!! Mwuhahahaha!".. 

Ahem.. on to the pics..

Mmm.. Green! Mmm.. Bright colors!.... Mmm.. LOVE IT
I'm in love.. And I'm even more in love with I'm not a kiwi.. I couldn't get a color accurate shot of it, so a did a side-by-side bottle comparison with some close relatives..

Sometimes when I look at it, I think yellow.. Sometimes lime.. And I love it even more for that =) But I have to say that the first coats is pretty yellw-lime-ish and the next coat makes it more lime-ish.. But i loove lime, so that's fine by me..

Allright enought blabbering..

And in daylight:

The accessories to turning I'm not a kiwi into a kwi! mwuhaha!:

Obviously I think this is fun.. Little things please little minds.. Oh well! hah

I adore this mani (if I didn't already point that out)

What do you ladies think? Is it crazy taking a polish' name so litterally that you can find it amusing to contradict it? haha! Do you like this abstract kiwi mani?

Have fun and take care =)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorbet flowers..

Hi all =)

I haven't really had any inspiration these pasy days.. Hence the lack of posts..

Yesterday I 'came up' with this.. Not really exciting or original or anything..

I decided on the base colors first - the two OPI Sorbets I have.. Mmm.. I loove visible nail line! hah.. I know a lot doesn't but I do =)

OPI sorbets... sooo juicy!
After a couple of hours I decided that I needed some nail art.. but didn't know what.. So I decided to do flowers in similar colors as the base color..

Not much more to say about this.. haha.. But it reminds me of THIS nail art.. probably because of the colors..

The involved:
Ask if you wanna know dome names!
I hope you're all doing fine =D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Instead of a no buy...

Now that I broke my no buy [POST] I thought that there must be an alternative that would be almost just as good.. The reason why I wanted to be on a no buy, is that I can't give such a huge amount of polishes the attention that I want! Sometimes I even stumble upon a polish that I forgot I owned! I don't like that..

I remember those days where I easily knew how all my green shades looked, which yellow polishes I owned and so on.. *sigh* not any more (a bit sentimental :p)

Well, I decided that every time I buy a new polish, I'll replace it with another one in my stash.. So my stash won't be growing and I'll get rid of those polishes that I don't use..
I don't know yet of I'll give those polishes away to people I know or if I'll be doing a blogsale or whatever I'll do with them.. I guess it depends on which polishes I'll kick out :p

But of course there need to be exceptions.. This rule doesn't apply to...:
  • Black and white creme polishes - 'cause they are just essentials
  • Base- and topcoats or the like.. duh..
  • Polishes intended for frankens (I don't do that a lot, but it happens)
  • And then of course polishes that I buy for you guys (I'm slowly gathering polishes for a nail art contest or the like in the future.. probably waaay in the future.. better to be prepared)

I've allready bought two polishes after I decided on doing this.. And there were so many polishes that I was ready to kick out, so I'm not fearing that this will be too hard.. And I probably think about it one more time when I buy a polish - is it really worth it, compared to what I'll end up replacing it with..?

I think I'll do this for the rest of july.. Maybe I'll do some kind of status in the end..?

So what do you think of this idea? Would you be able to do something like that? Or is it just me who wants to be able to remember every single polish in the stash? :p

Have fun and take care =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Little Fat Ghost-ist Seahorse..

Hi all!

Yes, this is what I called the mani I did today.. I started with a turquoise base color, and dabbed some of theblue/green-ish H&M from the other day and some other glistening polishes in that hue..

In my mind I wanted a white seahors and bubbles on top of that.. But ended up doing the bubbles in another turquoise shade, and still do the seahorse in white..

It looked cool enough, but when I added some 'pattern' to the seahorse, it looked weird without outlining.. So I did a black outline and then it looked all weird that the seahorse was white.. like a ghost..

The base colors are much more turquoise IRL, a lot more greener than in these pics.. I couldn't get it right at all! aergh.. annoys me..

I think this is the most color accurate one I got.. It's on top of a turquoise blouse I have, hoping that it would bring the real color out more..

See some shimmer and flakies?
Just imagine it being more green-ish!

I actually like this mani.. Even thought it ended up looking like a ghost seahorse..

I don't know if it looks like bubbles on the other nails? I was a bit lazy, so this was how big an effort I wanted to put in it..

Aaand what I used:
Leave a comment if you wanna know the names on any of these polishes!
Do you like my little fat ghost seahorse? Doesn't he look a bit lonely? :p

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rubber duck..

Hi all =D

Thanks for all of your nice comments on my last post! It makes me so happy =D

A couple of days ago I gave my sister in law a belated birthday gift that, among other things, included a rubber duck which is some kind of collectors item.. I loved the design on it and knew I had to do nails based off of it :)

Since the rubber duck is white, I decided to use my new white polish as a base, even though a creme white would fit better..

And just a quick pic with the end result together with the inspiration, so ou have an idea about why my nails look like they do..

The end result. I actually only like the index finger.. the others are too messy..

And a couple of pics with the nails and the duck..

What I used:
Just leave a comment if there's something you wanna know the name of!
And afterwards I wanted to see how it looked matte.. I kind of like that better..

And I'm using a new background for my pics which are actually some anti-slip thingy that I also have in the drawers with my polishes.. This makes it easier for me to take pics of the tools and polishes I've used for a mani.. Do you think the background is okay, or is the blue color too dominant or overpowering?

Have fun and take care =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forgive me, oh Followers, for I have sinned!

I broke my no buy! First I actually did it so I could get some cheap polishes for you guys for a future nail art contest (or something like that).. But then I found new H&M polishes.. a H&M crackle.. and a H&M Summer Nails with an awesome looking polish in it..

Then I went to Matas (drugstore) and then I went crazy! Well, not really, but I bought some polishes which are a bit more expensive than I usually wanna pay..

And in pieces they had their polishes on sale for 10 kr. ( approx $1,94).. What's a girl gotta do?

Maxfactor Wicked White, H&M Summer Nails (it's the green/blue-ish one I was interested in - the rest is meh), H&M Cracked Nail Polish, Pieces Silver Lightning (as far as I recall) and a Depend Cracked Effect in lime green

But I think 1½ week without buying a single polish is kind of decent enough.. I had been out shopping and resisting polishes in that time.. AND I'm not sure when I'll go to Holland, maybe there'll be another month before I go there and that would be waay too long time to wait :p (can you feel that I need to justify this? haha)

A quick swatch of the interesting polishes:

H&M Metallic Blue (yeah, H&M is not that good at naming their polishes in a correct way), Wicked White and the Pieces-one
The white is not that exciting, but I have a thing for white.. Maybe this one is a bit too pearly for my taste.. But I still like it =)

The silver Pieces one has gold in it too, and that's what draw me to it! It reminded me of a swatch of some new OPI polish, but I can't remember which.. Anyway I LOVE this!

And Metallic Blue is just awesome! It reminds me of a mix between Essence Glisten Up! (but without flakies) and China Glaze Atlantis (but without holo).. This is filled with what I think must be glass flecks..?

I tried to layer it over different polishes, because it's pretty sheer..

H&M Metallic Blue layered over (from L-R): Oh My Gosh! Apple Green, a baby blue Maybeline Colorama, a blue Rimmel polish, a black W'n'W  and ind the end: 4 coats on it's own..

With these swatches I almost used 1/4th of the bottle! Damn you teeny tiny bottles! I might have to buy another of this Summer Nail set, just to get a back up bottle of this one.. The bottles in it are only 3,2 ml :S

/Edit/ Somehow I forgot to include the pic of the crackle polishes in action.. it's here now :p

I really like them =) The H&M one had a great formula, a bit thinner than the Depend crackle, so it's easier to work with!/Endofedit/

I H&M I also bought these ear rings.. I love the different kind of insects and I would loove to do a nail art design inspired them!

Ear rings with creepy insects and more normal 'happy and fluffy' insects and animals

Oh, and later that day I found an online beauty store based inside of Europe and with free shipping.. I can't resist that.. So I bought some more :p I'll ramble more about that place when I recieve my stuff - if I like the place.. If I do like it I have a feeling that I will order from there a lot..

Allright, I'll stop now..

Do you think my break of my no buy wass 'justified'? Would you have done the same? haha.. And do you have any suggestions as to how I could do a nail art design based off of my new earrings?

Have fun and take care =)
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