Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Skittle mani with random art...ish..

To use some newly bought polishes that were similar looking, I did a kind of skittle mani to try them out..

These are Elf Mango Madness (thumb+pinky), Elf Smokey Brown (index), and two un-named HOT Makeup polishes.

For Danes: Hot Makeup neglelakkerne er købt i Esthetique for 29 kr. og de havde rigtig mange lækre farver at vælge imellem, men jeg måtte begrænse mig! Så hvis du bor i nærheden af én, så skynd dig derned! Hvis du allerede har lakker fra det mærke og har dem postet på en blog, så smid lige en kommentar så jeg kan se =D EDIT: Lakkerne kan også købes i Føtex til 25 kr! endnu bedre! haha ENDOFEDIT.

Didn't really know what I wanted to do so I did some random nail art.. lines and dots..

I liked the design on my thumb and ring finger the best..

My head hurts like crazy, so I'm not that talkative today..

Which of the designs do you like the best? Does any of you know that brand; Hot Makeup?


  1. que lindos colores, he escuchado mucho de la marca elf, como me gustaria uno? mmmmm algun dìa
    estan lindos

  2. That is not a brand I have seen in the US, but I like the random combinations with those colors...the variation is great, but I think I like the ring finger (all dots) the best :0) Hope your head feels better!

  3. Deysi: Elf have some great polishes, and they are cheap! (compared to Danish prices anyway) You can buy them here =)

    Gottwinkies: I haven't seen it here before either.. I'm glad you like it! My head feels much better, thank you =D

  4. oh!! i love the design you did!! it totally makes all the different nails cohesive :)

  5. Carissakuo: Thanks a lot =D I'm glad you think it's cohesive, because that's what I'm aiming at to some extend! haha


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