Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nostalgic flashback: Top 10 Nail arts

[This is a scheduled post, because I'm chillin', listening to music and drinking some beers at Roskilde Festival =D]

It's about a year ago I started this blog! Some of the last days of June 2010 I started this blog, after doing my nails several times a day.. I was on sick leave and didn't have anything else to do (or that I could do)..
My family thought it was a fun hobby and wanted to see my nails, but didn't have the chance, because I changed them all the time.. And I needed something more to do.. So I started this blog.. And of course I never thought I would get any followers.. So I love every single one of you! hah

I've deleted some of my first post - I simply thought it was too embarrasing.. haha.. But I thought it could be fun to do a Top 10 of my designs, so here it is =D

I'm happy to see that I'm much better at taking photos, taking care of my cuticles and painting my nails than back then.. So I apologies in advance for sad cuticles and crappy photos! haha

In chronological order...

[July 2010 - Original post] So happy colors! And I love this idea..


[August 2010 - Original post] Inspired by my parent's table cloth..

Happy Elephant:
[Oktober 2010 - Original post] Oh, I still love this mani! I need to recreate it some day =)

Toothed Wheels:
[November 2010 - Original post] I love this idea! Simple yet.. colorful.. and fun!

Hornsleth Nails:
[February 2011 - Original post] This might be my all time fave..! But I'm not sure.. :)

Nails with no title.. :p
[March 2011 - Original post] There's just something... soothing about this design! I really don't know what it is..

Mussel Mani
[April 2011 - Original post] Well this is just an awesome inspiration! And I love the way it turned out =)

Tokidoki nails:
[May 2011 - Original post] So colorful and happy =) Didn't even know it was Tokidoki when I did these..

Moomin nails:
[May 2011 - Original post] I wasn't quite satisfied wit my details when I made these, but I was kind of impressed by them!

Colorful lovestory:
[June 2011 - Original post] Mmmm, colors.. That's all I have to say :p

I hope you enjoyed these =D I enjoyed making this post, that's for sure! And fun to look at all the old manis..

Do you agree with my top 10? Some other nail arts there should be on it?


  1. They are all enjoyable. Here's to another year of nail art!!

  2. I am not an old follower. So I had fun going through all these posts. And trust me, they all are super-awesome! =D

  3. I loved the muscles and the gobstoppers

    The muscle one was very original

  4. Ahh, I love them all... especially the elephant :)

  5. Aaw, I'm glad you guys liked them all =D
    I wasn't sure if a post like this would be enjoyable, but I'm so happy it was!


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