Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nail art Contest: Get Inspired! Presenting: The 6 finalist, the judges and the prizes

The result is here! Congrats lovely ladies =D I present to you the 6 finalist:

Number 3: Emily from
Inspired by..: A documentary on endangered Bengal tigers

Number 4:
Holiday from
Inspired by..: Her boyfriend's fave stuffed toy; Kit, a Skelanimal

Number 5: Jane from
Inspired by..: A tin can, she just had to buy because it's so cute

Number 8: Leslie from
Inspired by..: A box of Pop Tars sitting in her pantry

Number 10: Rebecca from
Inspired by..: Her bedding

Number 12: Stephanie C from
Inspired by..: A beautiful sunrise she saw while backpacking in the Australian outback

I had a total of 243 voters and on average people voted on 2,6 designs - so I'm glad that almost everybody rexpected my wish of picking their top three designs :)

Now it's up to the judges to vote! Here's the categories they are judging the entries from:
  • How the inspiration is translated onto the nail/incorporated in the nail design
  • Creativity incl. method,materials and inspiration
  • The overall aesthetics/look

So here's a short introduction of the judges:

My mom! Her nails have been featured on the blog HERE and HERE! She's a childminder and she makes children cut'n'paste'n'paint'n'be-creative books which she publishes it on her own publishing company. She always have creative ideas for everything and all of the crafting stuff I use for nail art is often supplied by her :)

Claus: My dad! He photographs for my mom's books and in general (He took the pics in THIS post).. He loves anything fun, weird, crazy, awesome and impressive! He does art in stones, too!

Erik: My eldest brother. He's a programmer and has a great sense of aesthetics! He's very imaginative and he was the one who said I should do the Mussel Nails!

Nicholas: My youngest bigbrother. He's an artist, he makes amazing drawings and does cool street art. He's the one who has designed my tattoos.. And he has been featured with his nail art on this blog ;)

Maria: Nicholas' girlfriend. She's very creative too and excellent at interior decorating - when she moved in to the apartment she made it feel like a home! Like Nicholas she does a lot of drawing and we have a lot of her art on our walls :) And her nails ahve been featured HERE!

Wow.. What a creative family I have?!

I've given them until Saturday night (our time - GMT:+1) to vote, so hopefully I'll get the result up about then - or maybe sunday..

Oh, and you wanna how the final prizes are compiled?
As said when I first announced this contest, it's a mix of new polishes, slightly used and frankens that I don't use.. Since then new polishes has made it's way into the prize pile.

1st prize is all new polishes!
Gosh Holographic, Rainbow, Golden Bronze, Snow (which is excellent for frankens!) and Effect Powder in Green Gate (Which is meant for frankening, but it's originally an eyeshadow-thingy)
Pieces Starry Sky
H&M Dazzling Jade, Sizzling Lime, Paradise Pink and Sunset Dreams
And some hobby-stuff which can be used for nail art ;)

2nd prize is a mix! It's new polishes, unless otherwise stated
Gosh Green Hawaii, Deep Purple (swatched on one finger), Cappuccino (used for one mani)
La femme Lime Cream
Risque Agreste (swatched on one finger)
Rosie & Roses 406 (swatched on one finger)
Essence You Rock! Let Me In Pink (swatched on one finger), Speed Of Light Blue, Love, Peace And Purple
A franken made with, among other things, Gosh Golden Dragon.
And some hobby-stuff which can be used for nail art ;)

3rd prize is a mix! It's new polishes, unless otherwise stated
Gosh Vanilla Ice, Mystery Night (swatched on 5 nails)
La femme Mysterious (used for a mani or two)
H&M Hello Kitty Pink Candy (swatched on one nail), Juicy Peach
BK 25 (swatched on one nail)
A no-name purple
A couple of frankens that I've sued for one mani each
And some hobby-stuff which can be used for nail art ;)

Now there's nothing to do but to wait :)


  1. Good luck to the 6 finalists :)
    And how wonderful that you have such a creative family :)

  2. oooh yay! good luck to me and the other 5 ladies! :)
    the prizes are AWESOME

  3. Such great prizes!!! I can't wait to see what they have to say about our nails!

  4. Good luck to the finalists! It's going to be hard to pick-they are all so good!

  5. What an awesome family you have there! All so creative! Prices are gorgeous, good luck everyone!


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