Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nail Art Contest: Get Inspired! VOTING :)

Yay voting begins now! The purpose of this voting is to find the top 6 favourite designs that wil be presented to the jugdes :) I'll show the prizes when it's time for the judges to vote :)

Rules? You MUST choose your three (3) favourite designs! This is to avoid it being the lovely ladies with most followers who get in the top 6 :) I know I know, I'm very anal about stuff like that, I'm from a country where nobody should feel like they're better than others, even though they are.. haha.. It's because of Janteloven (which my dictionary translates as the Jante Law/the law of Jante - I don't know if you guys have ever heard of that? Apparently the english equivalent is Tall Poppy Syndrome? Does that sound familiar? :p)
So PLEASE respect this simple rule :)

The poll is open until it's still the 8th of June somewhere in the world :)

You don't have to be a GFC follower to vote, 'cause I don't want people to follow this blog, just so they can vote.. But new nail art lovers are of course welcome to follow :)

It's only the voting in the poll (out there to the right -->) that counts, so voting in the comment section will not be added to the total votes (unless the poll doesn't work or something of course). But you're of course welcome to comment and tell who you voted for or comment and say whatever you want :)

I've listed the entries in alphabetical order and included a short recap about their inspiration. The judges will get the full version when they are going to vote.. There will be two pics from each contestant, unless I only recieved 1 :)
The pics are quite small, but it's because I want them to be next to each other, so it's easier to get an overlook :) You can always click to enlarge :)

I think that must be it! So get ready to see all the lovely entries :)

Number 1: Ari from
Inspired by..: McDonald's strawberry lemonade, she loves this drink because it's sweet and sour and has strawberries

Number 2: Cathy from morenailpolish.blogspot.comInspired by..: Her kevlar motorcycle pants

Number 3: Emily from
Inspired by..: A documentary on endangered Bengal tigers

Number 4: Holiday from
Inspired by..: Her boyfriend's fave stuffed toy; Kit, a Skelanimal

Number 5: Jane from
Inspired by..: A tin can, she just had to buy because it's so cute

Number 6: Karina from
Inspired by..: An oral math exam she's studying for right now

Number 7: Kate from
Inspired by..: Her fave cubist painter, Piet Mondrian

Number 8: Leslie from
Inspired by..: A box of Pop Tars sitting in her pantry

Number 9: Mette from
Inspired by..: Inspired by her life with diabetes and arthritis with all its ups and downs

Number 10: Rebecca from
Inspired by..: Her bedding

Number 11: Stephanie from Inspired by..: A t-shirt print from

Number 12: Stephanie C from
Inspired by..: A beautiful sunrise she saw while backpacking in the Australian outback

Number 13: Sylvia from Inspired by..: A mug she saw while doing dishes


  1. yay!
    everyone did great :)

    can't wait to see the top 6!

  2. These are all awesome! Good luck to you ladies :)

  3. eeeee its so exciting to see them all up there!! everyone did an amazing job! congrats on getting so many entries and good luck to everyone!!

    love the new layout, probabl the only situation where wider is better :D


  4. Whaaat?!!! I can only make 3 votes??!! I want to make 13 votes;p Everything is so gorgeous and cute!!!

  5. I'm glad you guys like the entries :) I do so too, A LOT! hah

    Emily:Haha, yep but here wider is a lot beter IMO :p

  6. Hey, Swaafie! You received amazing entries! I am having a hard time choosing 3!

    Well done, ladies! Good luck to everyone! :)

  7. Nr. 10 er det ikke lavet af "stamping nail art"??? :-)

  8. Rina: Yeah, didn't I? I love them all! haha :)

    Camilla: Dét kan godt være, jeg ved det ikke.. du må spørge hende :) Det er tilladt i den her konkurrence, hvis det er det du tænker på ;)


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