Thursday, June 23, 2011

MPJ with heart and flower


Yeah, My Private Jet! But not the super-awesome-holo-one! But an awesome one anyway!

I only know it's not the super-awesome-holo-one because I've seen swatches with flashing linear holo.. This has holo particels in it, but def not linear.. And this one was too cheap and too easy to get for it to be the htf..

But I seriously love this one, and think I rather want this than the linear-holo version.. But mine looks a bit more holo than in these photos..
I love that it's base has a lot of shimmer in it.. mmm.. This is in artificial light..

Oh, and you can see that I've shorten my nails.. I had a break, and since I'm going on a festival soon I knew I had to shorten them anyway.. So I did.. I kind of like having this short nails again :p

Well I had a plan with this.. For a long time I've had a pic of a toiletbag on my phone - a toiletbag just like my Tokidoki one, from the same store, the same price and everything..  And MPJ was the perfect polish to use as base for it..

And because I'm as lazy as I am, I didn't transfer the pic from my phone to my computer, but took a pic of it :p

MPJ with (smudged) toiletbag-art...
The art on my ring finger is smudged.. It's the Sally Hansen topcoat's fault! So I didn't use it for the other nails.. But it annoys me! But somehow I felt like it would smudged it, so I snapped a quick pic before adding topcoat..

So this is how it should've looked:

And another one before topcoat:

Aaand smudgy smudgy:

Polishes and tool..

I do enjoy this design even though it's smudged.. But I wanna do a design inspired by that toilet bag again another time! And how I looove this version of MPJ..

Do you have MPJ? If yes, which version? And do you like this version? =D


  1. I don't have any version of MPJ. Lol. But I do like the one you have, it's pretty. :)

  2. Spørgsmål: Hvad er MPJ? Er stødt på det et par gange nu, men har ikke rigtig fanget hvad det var..
    Tænkte iøvrigt på hvor du har købt din OPI henne?

  3. Virkelig flotte :D De ser rigtig fede ud.. Har faktisk lige købt den mobil :D Er hel vild med den ^^

  4. Interesting design and I love that nailpolish colour!

  5. Lindsay: Thanks, I really do like it :)

    Stine: Det er en forkortelse af My Private Jet, som også står længere oppe :) Lige den her OPI har jeg købt på Trendsales.. Resten jeg har er nogle jeg har fået gennem swaps.. Men de kan fås i Matas, Magasin, Illum, Esthetique osv. Men jeg synes de er alt for dyre at købe herhjemme - 125 kr.

    Cille: Taak :) Den er også ret fantastisk! Og så er den dejlig lille! hehe

    Chichnight: I'm glad you think it's interesting! hah.. That polish is just lovely!

  6. So cute! I love the design and colors! :D

  7. Yeah. I have 2 bottles of the no-holo version.

  8. Liz: Thaanks =)

    Poetic R: It is a lovely color! But you probably won't run out of it soon ;)

  9. I noticed something missing on your block while i was checking it out today..and you know what it was?

    Two awards!!! Come check my blog for them!


  10. I had the non-holo like yours. I liked it but didn't love it and when I moved I left it with my mother, it is one of her favorites. It looks great on you though!


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