Friday, June 17, 2011

More hauling..

<--- Hey look out there! You can get 10 % off at if you use that code! You probably now it, but if you don't it's an awesome nail art supplies store.. Has everything for nail art and care.. and more.. And with free shipping (which is a major plus!!) I'll soon recieved something for a review! yaay!

I've spend even more money on polish and the like.. *sigh* Not good.. Here's some of the polishes:
I have to say that most of these were on a crazy discount..! hah..
A quick swatch of them - and most of the cremes have half of them covered with the blue and very sheer H&M polish.. I just ha to see how it looked..

And here's the exciting part.. Stuff for nail art and frankens!:

Look at these crazy glitter/pigments-thingy:
Yay! I'm looking forward to using these for frankens =D

Don't have much to say.. other than I should be sleeping right now.. it's past 3 am.. damn... And I'm trying out the 'new' posting-thingy, so this post probably look a bit different.. I don't even know how new it is, but I just found it.. baah.. I think I should go to bed now..


  1. heeheehee...I know the feeling. Take care and Good Haul!

  2. esta linda la propuesta, me gusta envian a Perù?

    que tengas lindos sueños

  3. uhh !! cant wait to see how the frankens will turn out with those prettys!!

  4. Hey hvordan undgår man at der kommer told på når man køber fra for eksempel den der bornprettystore? (:

  5. Gottwinkies: Hah, I'm glad it's not only me!

    Deysi: I think they do, go and check it out =)

    McDiaz: I'm looking forward to see how they end up too!

    Anonym: Godt spørgsmål! Jeg ved det ikke.. heh.. Jeg køber oftest fra England eller andre steder inden for EU, for så undgår man det! Men det kommer an på beløbet, så hvis du køber for under 60 kr (tror jeg det er) så kommer der ikke told på! Og nogle kan man få til at sende som gave (så komer der nemlig heller ikke told på) men ved ikke om de vil her. Har ikke selv bestilt der fra endnu!


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