Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mermaid Tail Mani

Different things inspired me to do this mani.. First of all I saw a mermaid tail mani over at Liquid Jelly on Friday.. Then yesterdat I did a Deobrah Lippmann inspired franken, which was nicely blue.. while I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean.. I couldn't not try out a mermaid tail mani..

So this was my starting point and therefore no clean up:

Index and pinky: the franken. Middle finger: Pieces The 47th Element. Ring finger: H&M Hello Kitty Turqouise

I then added a couple of layers of China Glaze Drenched in Diamonds to get rid of the brushstrokes in The 47th Element and I dabbed different polishes on my ring finger 

The different polishes on the ring finger: Essence Glisten Up!, Gosh Holographic, China Glaze Drenched In Diamonds, Paris 263 and Milani Cyberspace

Then I drew the tail scales with Pieces The 47th Element and tadaa:

 I love the effect with the different polishes in the mermaid tale, but it was difficult to capture..

Maybe I should have done the scales in a more contrasting color..  But nevermind that..

I'm not totally satisfied with the franken.. But it's as good as it gets right now!

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend =D


  1. I've been pondering mermaids and how to put them on nails. I like what you've done here.

  2. Looks great! I like how you used silver for the scales. :) That turquoise is such a lovely color. And thanks for linking me!

  3. Kay: Thanks =) I've wanted to mermaids for a long time actually.. I think I'll do a full mermaid mani once..

    Liz: I love that colors too, it was the first time I tried it and instantly feel in love! You're welcome - of course I had to give you credit =)


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