Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liqourice nails!

I entered Leslie's 'Good Enought To Eat' nail art contest.. She got 48 entries! Crazy :S Well, I'm #24 and here's my entry:

I didn't vote for myself because there was soo many awesome entries!

What I used (ask if you want a name on a polish)

It tasted good doing this mani :p haha

Moooore pics:

Make sure to go and look at all the awesome entries! =D


  1. linda combinacion de colores

  2. Hi~!! I joined the contest too~XD But I love your nails very much!! These diamond shapes are amazing:D I've never eaten liquorice before, are they sweet??? Anyway! Good Luck to us~XD

  3. I noticed this in her contest! Well done, it looks brilliant!

    Also, I've tagged you in an award!
    [I don't want to linkbomb your comments section, so go to my blog to check!]


  4. Great job. I especially like the fact that you have the licorice and the packet in your hand. I'm surprised more people didn't photograph their food nail art with the actual food item. Those diamond shapes are excellent.

  5. Deysi: Thanks! =)

    Minnie: Jah, I saw yours too.. Really awesome with a lot of details! Thanks, I'm glad you like them - it was not easy! hah.. Well liqourice can both be sweet, hot and salty.. These are a bit salty.. =)

    N'n'N: Thanks a lot (for both) I've seen the blog and hopefully I'll do it soooon!

    Cathy: Thanks! I kind of thought it needed explanation.. The design doesn't really make sense without it.. And yeah, I'm surprised too! The main part of being inspired is to show what you got inspired by!


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