Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving for Roskilde Festival..

 So today I'm leaving for Roskilde Festival! yay.. It's my first time there, because I've never wanted to pay for it.. But this year I'm working there, so I get the ticket for free.. Well kind of, I have to work 3 shifts of 8 hours.. So it's going to be fun =D

 I've had to shorten my nails for this occasion.. With sleeping in tent, working, being drunk and all that, I would be sure to break something.. So to prevent that I'll rather just cut them down..

And I have to go there with NAKED nails :O I can't stand having a chipped mani and since I'm gone for a week, that will def happen.. And when I have chipped manis I pick in them.. And if I do that for a week straight I'll ruin my nails completely! So naked it is..

Here's my ready-to-go-on-festival naked nails:
With only slight staining! yay..
 And this is what I'll bring to take care of my hands, nails and cuticles..

Not much.. Basecoat/strengthening if I need it, glass file, Avoplex cuticle thingy and hand creme
As you can see I'm not bringing much.. It's both because I know that with sleeping in tent, drinking and all that, I won't be using a lot of products anyway.. And if my stuff get stolen, I won't have my most priceless care products stolen..

So I'm probably having really wrecked hands, nails and cuticles at the end of the week.. But I'll just have to live with that.. Then I can go care crazy when I come home..

I've made a couple of post, that I've scheduled throughout the week.. I hope they make sense :p haha..

Have a great week all of you =D

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