Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I shouldn't be a Dane..

...apparently.. (Warning: Angry rambling ahead)

I just took the test, that should determine if I could get Danish naturalisation, if I was a foreigner and had lived here for half a year..

it was a mix of historical questions, questions about our parliament and about stuff that had happened the last half year.. 40 questions and you have to get 32 questions right to get naturalised..

I had 29 questions right! And a lot of the questions I got right was a guess! haha.. Some people can call me a bad dane then.. og throw me out of the country.. But why do I need do know which Danish film director who won a Golden Globe this year? That doesn't interest me at all! And how can someone living here for half a year know how many ministers that should be appointed or how many members there is in the parliament? Hell, I don't know, because it's not important for our everyday life! And I think I learned about it when I was at business college, but it isn't many percent of the population who attend that! And certainly not someone who just moved to the country..

It makes me sad that I live in a country who suffers so much from xenophobia :( Denmark was once a openminded and liberal country.. But we have a supporting party for hour government at the moment who is very racist. . The 'scare' a lot of people to be afraid of foreigners and they can demand a bunch of stuff from our government without any consequenses for themselves :/

I can't believe that foreigners that live in Denmark would have to be very interested in politics and history and live like an exemplary Dane when no-one I know does that! It makes me angry and sad :(

I'm sorry for this angry outburst! I just had to get it off my chest.. And to let others know that we aren't xenophobic in Denmark.. Some are, but that's because of that certain supporting party who has frightened them into being it :( Of course I cannot speak for everyone, but this is how I percieve it in my every day life..

Oh well.. I'm better now :) haha


  1. el mundo cambia y debemos cambiar con ella, hay que mejorar

  2. Hmm yeah I think those countries who have such tests are simply trying to shut out most immigrants..and those questions are pretty ridiculous. Especially since the majority don't even know the answer to most of them.

    Was in Copenhagen a few weeks ago and my class went to SFI, where they talked about the immigration policies in Denmark. Ok before I thought they were harsh, but after that seminar I was pretty surprised that they were THAT harsh...especially when it comes to getting citizenship or getting married with someone.

    I'm sure (or I hope) it's just a phase that will pass. But it seems as if the rise of populistic/nationalistic political parties are quite popular around in Europe...just take a look at the Netherland which has a similar situation as Denmark now...and then Sweden were we recently got the Swedish democrats who received enough votes to enter the parliament!!??

    Just makes me mad, I just hope that in a few years people will open up their eyes and realize that this can't go on... *sigh*
    so yeah I share your anger :/

  3. I'm glad you can see where I'm coming from.. It's such a shame! And it's just getting worse and worse every year, so I hope you're right, that in a few years people realize they can't just do that!

  4. It saddens me to see those kinds of parties gaining support throughout Europe and the whole world.

    I hope it goes away on its own and doesn't need something *shudders* big to make it go away.


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