Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sorry for the rant yesterday.. I know it wasn't nail related, but I needed it! haha :)

I've been hauling a bit the last few days, and wanna share here, because I like reading haul posts on other blogs :)

In a discount grocery store, which always have some weird new items every week, they had polishes! It's Colorama polishes, and even though I thought they were a bit pricey considering how small they were and how ordinary the colors are, I bought a few anyway :) I can't resist buying a new brand of polishes..

And as you can see in the pic I also bought some nail polish remover pads, just to see how they work..

I did a swatch of them.. Don't know why.. But I'm actually pretty happy about these colors :)

Part Blue, Urban Orange, Urban Lemon

And I thoght: "Yay a new brand I haven't tried before".. But then I remembered I got a Colorama polish in a swap.. And while digging through my stash I found some polishes I bought in Brasil, which was Colorama too, but didn't say anuthing about Maybeline on the bottle..


Well, then I bought some Sally Hansen products, because my drugstore had 25 % off.. I had heard that Insta-Dri should be just as good as Seche Vite, so I had to buy it nad try it.. And I'm running out of Lemony Flutter, so I need a replacement! So I'm giving this cuticle cream a try..

The I met up with Cille yesterday, we had ordered together from e.l.f when they had free shipping, so these are my first e.l.f. polishes :)

Smoky Brown (which looked much more 'smoky' and not so much brown at their website:/), Golden Goddes, Dark Glitter Purple (it shows up blue - but it's a lovely purple who seems like it has flakies =D), Twinkle, Mango Madness

Aaand then I bought a cheap-ass handcream in a kind of a dollar-store.. I'm looking for a decent handcream, but haven't found it yet.. Maybe this is the one?

And then I bought a INK by Dennis Knudsen polish, which normally is way too expensive for me to buy, but it was on sale.. First, there was no polishes that thought I would pay that much for (even on sale it's twice the price of my top-limit when it comes to polishes).. But then I saw this one.. Pearl Platinum..

I can't really explain how it looks.. It's grey.. Somewhat sheer, but not as sheer as I thought.. I've swatched it here (but couldn't capture it AT ALL)

Left is alone, middle is over black and right is over grey.. Looks kind of dull, right? But it isn't. I promise! haha

Here's a pic that somehow shows it:

I thik this instantly became my favourite polish! Hah.. I hope I can get better pics of it at some point..

Wow, this was a looong post.. Sorry!


  1. Oooh, fantastic haul! I love the fist couple of picks of the Colorama polishes on the green background. The bright pastels look very springy against the green. :)

  2. I adore that last gray sparkly thing. So awesome!

  3. Købte også Pearl Platinum, men synes at den skuffer. Den er mega flot i flasken, men man ser ikke det fine glimmer så meget på neglen. :D Men godt du kan lide den :D


  4. I have golden goddess, twinkle and mango madness from ELF and I loooove them. Golden goddess over gold polish is one of my fave combos!

  5. VV: Thanks =D I was kindof in love with those pics.. haha.. Made me wanna wear the polishes so bad!

    Laura: It is amazing! But hard to photograph!

    Sussi: Aah, den havde jeg da set på jeres blog, men troede det var en helt anden neglelak :O Sikkert fordi jeg kunne se hvor fantastisk den så ud i flasken IRL..

    Amanda: I'm sure I'm going to love them too :) I need a gold polish then, so I can try that combo ;)

  6. You sure have an eye for what's nice to buy. Great haul! Can't wait to see them on your nails :)

  7. estan lindos los colores, buenas compras, y los productos colorama, maybelline son buenos y economicas en mi pais lo venden mucho, gracias por las fotos y compras tan buenas

  8. Olivia: haha thanks!

    Deysi: It's very nice colors :)

  9. Ive never try ELF polishes before. Are the glitter polishes very clumpy??


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