Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grey'n'orange'pink mish mash...

I haven't been blogging a lot lately (besides about the contest) but real life has been busy! SO here's a week old mani :)

I wanted to try out my new favourite grey from INK by Dennis Knudsen - Pearl Platinum, which I raved a bit about HERE.. So I figured I wanted to have a grey base color, and decided to grab an untried..

It's very nice and I do love my greys =D But I do have to learn how to take pics at night, that doesn't give me lobster hands.. So annoying..

Because I found out from my swatches when I had just bought Platinum Pearl, that the nice shimmer didn't show up much on the nail, I decided to layer H&M Sea Pearl on top of it (or was it under? can't remember).. Lookie it the similar shimmer:

I splashed on some random stripes and in the end some flowers..

Not the most original or exciting mani, but I liked it none the less.. Couldn't capture any of the nice shimmer :/

And the polishes I used for it:

Right after, I decided to try and put on another coat of H&M Sea Pearl and one of my new elf-glitters, so my 'the-day-after-in-natural-light' pics is a bit.. bleeh..

It was too much adding those ekstra layers.. It dulled the nail art too much..

A way too subtle mani now...

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging a bit more regularly now.. Right now I'm trying to pamper my cuticles, they have been a bit neglected these last days..


  1. Haha, jeg elsker dit lobster hands udtryk! :) Ville lige komme med lidt god karma midt i en messed up mani :) Rare godnat tanker din vej! :)


  3. Stine: Haha, har hørt det på en negleblog en gang.. Og synes det var ret beskrivende ;) Mange tak =D

    Deysi: Thanks! :)

    Carissakuo: Thanks a lot :)


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