Saturday, June 4, 2011

Franken - entered in More Nail Polish's contest

Thanks for all the good lucks on my exam :) I handed my paper in approx 24 hours ago and I've been super busy since (!).. My parents came and visit yesterday afternoon and afterwards a friend and his family of my sister-in-laws came by.. We went out to eat dinner and to see a comedy-show-thingy afterwards (Ørkenens Sønner! hehe).. So I was home around midnight and just fell dead on my bed.. phew.. oh.. polish? Is that why you're here?

... Besides the nail art I showed you in my last post, this is the only other nail polish related thing I did while writing my exam :)

I made a franken for More Nail Polish's franken contest :)

I had a serious case of non-photogenic hands that day.. no matter what I did, I had lobster hands.. damn.. AND I couldn't get the color accurate at all (hence the color bar in the above pic)

Freakishly enough, in most of these pics the polish on my pinky is the most color accurate ;)

I named the polish 'Vandhund' which is a Danish term for a person who loves swimming and playing in water (I just realised I could look up the term in the dictionary - the english equivalent is 'to take to water like a duck').. And I named it that because I wanted to do a summer-y franken and the first thing I thought about was swimming at the beaches :) Yay! I am a Vandhund :)

I don't like teal colors.. But this one I adore =) I've worned this one since I made it (which must be around Wednesday or something!).. That's a veeery long time for me..

This is the stuff used:

I think I'll add some more glitter and then some clear polish to make it more jelly-ish..

I'm def. not voting for me in that contest, because there are some seriously awesome frankens =D

Allright.. I fell like I rambled enough now, but I've missed blogging :D Hopefully I'll be back to doing some nail art really soon :)

OH! You have like 24 hours left to enter my contest! Here there's 13 hours left of june 4th, but I'm pretty sure there are countries more behind in time :p So get your groove on and Get Inspired!

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