Monday, June 6, 2011

Failing dots..

Yeah failing, not falling..

But first: Hello to new followers =D I hope you'll enjoy my blog! And thanks to all of you who have voted so far! I'm happy to see that almost all of you respect my wish of you guys choosing three designs! And it has dawned on me, I don't know if I have said good luck to you lovely ladies? I've been caught up in making it all work, that I've forgotten about it.. so GOOD LUCK! =D And I'm so happy you guys took the time to enter this contest!

Allright onto the nails.. I wanted to recreate THIS lovely design made by Rina from Simply Rins.. As soon as I saw it I thought there was something magical about it!

And I just f..... it up :/ damn..

My dots weren't really round.. I screwed up something on my ring finger and tried to correct it..

And yet I keep showing you pics of it.. why?

I loooove the color combination =D

Which is these polishes:

Maybe I'm just out of practice.. I need to do a mani that I can't screw up.. hmm.. Any suggestions?

And I need to find out how to make links open in a new window! (yeah I'm not that tech savvy)..


  1. ...and what do I find after coming back from my holiday...a brand new layout! Looks awesome!

    As for the mani, I think you did an excellent job...I would probably have failed miserably. I don't mind that the dot's aren't perfectly round...actually looks better if they aren't.

  2. Love the new layout!!!!! and the colors goes together so well and bring out the contrast. Love it

  3. me encanta tambien la mezcla de colores, esta exelente
    felicidades, sobre la tegnologia yo tambien estoy en pañales jejeje


  4. I love the colour combo too;)) And dots are looking very cute to me~;D

  5. I absolutely love this.. Even though you feel like you messed it up, I think it looks awesome. It reminds me of skulls and I LOVE skulls right now!!

  6. Olivia: I'm glad you like the new layout :) I needed some change! haha.. And I'm glad you like the mani anyhow..

    Holiday: Great! I was afraid it was a bit too dark and gloomy :p That's what I love about these colors ;)

    Deysi: Long live google translate! haha.. I'm glad you like the color combo! And one day I'll learn some more about html etc ;)

    Minnie: Yay, thaanks :)

    Dee: Haha, maybe I should do a skull mani ;) Why haven't you done a skull mani yet? :p

  7. Looks pretty awesome that does, colours are brilliant :)

    Links opening in new window -- if you want ALL links to open in a new window you'd go to Design -> Edit HTML then paste in <base target="_blank" /> just below the bit that says <head>

    If you want /some/ links to open in a new window, when you write a post you could add target="_blank" to each link (so it looks like <a href="" target="_blank"> Needs to be done in 'Edit HTML' mode and is a PITA.

    Blogger is stupid for not having a little tick-box that does it.

  8. Thaaanks :)
    And I have to try making all links open in a new window.. Just because I don't want to edit every single links! :D Thanks for the tip!

  9. i like it! they look like little buttons!!! x

  10. Thanks :) You're right! I t actually looks more like buttons than when I tried making buttons :p haha

  11. Hi, Swaafie! I think your colors look really nice. This actually reminded me of space. I'm glad I inspired you to try this design. :)


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